No Book Review

I got a bit behind on my reading this week since I haven’t been feeling well all week.

So there’s no book review today.

But I did find this cool info graphic on Pinterest.

Have a good weekend!


14 thoughts on “No Book Review

      • Oh, Rachel. I tried to reblog you to my Home Page twice and screwed up. My email followers did get your link, but they think I’m the one who was sick and couldn’t post. I am going to try to do it right, but I have to figure out what I did wrong first. I went to your site and pressed “Reblog” and put in your link in the thank you note from me that I added to the post. Then I checked my Home Page and your comment about being sick was there (my posts only have the first few lines and then the word “More” if people want to keep reading.) In place of the word”More” was “?”I tried to correct it but made it worse, so I had to trash it and start again. It can’t be that hard to reblog. I’ve never done it, but everybody does it. So what is wrong with me?

Let me know your thoughts!

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