Hanging Out With Fictional People

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Via Pinterest
Show of hands: who would want to hang out with fictional characters?

Let’s be honest… pretty much all of us would, right?

What if you could only hang out with the characters from one novel? Which novel would you pick?

What if you could only hang out with one character from each novel? Would you pick the main characters or secondary ones?

What if you could only hang out with characters that you’ve created? So, that means no hanging out with Harry Potter!

At least one character from all the novels I’ve written have a piece of me in them. So if I chose to hang out with them, I’d be hanging out with myself pretty much.

I’ve been putting all my effort into my novel George Florence so I would love to hang out with him and Lilah, but I would also love to meet the characters from my other novels, as well.

I think it would be a very tough decision if I had to narrow it down to just one book or just one character.

What about you?

18 thoughts on “Hanging Out With Fictional People

    • Thank you. 🙂
      I’ve never had a dream about my characters before, but I have talked to myself while writing as though I’m talking to them.

  1. Think I’d be worried about meeting some of my characters, especially after I put them through their paces. At least the more temperamental ones that might spend the entire time arguing. It’s weird, but I’d be so worried about fictional characters pushing for spoilers in their adventures. Almost like time traveling where you might say something wrong and change the entire story.

          • I’ve actually played around with various version of this theme. One was an author getting sucked into their fictional world and being chased by the villain who wants to steal his thoughts. Another was an author getting a head injury or going insane, which causes his fictional characters to appear. It would have been ghosts that only he could see at first, but then they’d take solid form and start wrecking havoc on the real world.

  2. My main character is always me, at least in part. And if I’m going to have “me” in the story, there has to be at least one character “I” would like to hang with, though it isn’t always the one a reader would guess at first, at least not until closer to the end…

  3. I’d love to hang out with the main couple from every one of my stories. I don’t think I could just pick one from each pair. Ahh!!! How could you make me choose only one?!?

    OK. If I had to choose one from each novel, I’d have to pick a side character from each that way I won’t feel guilty when I don’t chose the second of a pairing. So, from Puck’s Choice I’d pick Jay. He’s the kind of person I could just chill and watch Netflix with all day without it being a big deal.

    From Jenna’s Story, the choice is easier. I’d choose Myles. He doesn’t play a large role, but he’s mentioned a couple times here and there. I feel like he’s the kind of man I’d go to for advice, and he’d never steer me wrong.

Let me know your thoughts!

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