Time To Write: To The Fullest

Last week’s prompt was Drama.

Here’s mine:

Graduation day from high school was the best day of my life. I no longer had to spend seven hours of my day listening to teachers lecture and I no longer needed to be around any of my classmates. The girls were always too caught up with their looks and the boys. The boys were always too caught up with their sports and the girls. My high school was the very definition of stereotyping.

I was glad to go to college. There would be no more drama; no more rumors roaming the halls, no more spitballs and paper airplanes being thrown across the room in the middle of class. We were adults come graduation day. I would be going off to college where my classmates would be other adults.

It turned out people of all ages can be in your class… some classmates were my age, others were grandparents. I even had a few kids in my class. Seriously, they were kids. They skipped a couple years of high school because they were geniuses. It made me feel totally inadequate.

The worst part was the immaturity in some people. Notes were still passed during class, kids still fell asleep and snored in the middle of a lecture, and rumors still ruled the hallways. The only difference was that I had no idea who the rumors were about.

Needless to say graduation day at college was the best day of my life. I was going out into the real world. I was going to be with real adults. I was ready to get a full time job doing what I loved to do.

Of course when I got my job I realized that adults can clash with one another as well. Rumors don’t spread because they’re said right to your face. Personalities bounce off each other and it’s not always in a good way.

Some people think they run the office with or without our boss being present, some people are lazy and only pretend to do their work but still manage to get all the credit. It was like being in high school over again! Some people just will never grow up.

Maybe retirement will be the best day of my life.

Now onto this week’s prompt…

TTW To The Fullest

Everyone wants to do something great in their life. Accomplish a huge goal, take a risk, make a name for yourself.

Write about a character who really lives their life to the fullest; or tries to.

If you choose to participate, post your work in the comments. I’d love to see what you come up with.

Next Friday, before revealing the next prompt, I’ll post my version of the prompt along with anyone else who participates with a link back to their blog.

Happy writing!

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