Rippler by Cidney Swanson

Via Goodreads
Via Goodreads
Title: Rippler
Author: Cidney Swanson
Genre: Science fiction and fantasy
How I got the book: Downloaded it onto my Kindle

Summary (from Amazon):

When Samantha Ruiz turns invisible in front of team mates on a rafting trip, she knows something’s wrong with her. According to her knowledgeable friend Will, she’s got a rare genetic disorder. Fearing a lifetime sentence as a lab-rat, Sam wants to keep her ability secret. But she also wants to know if there’s a connection between dark Nazi experiments on others like her and her own mother’s death eight years earlier. At the same time that Sam is sleuthing, she’s falling hard for Will. And soon, she’ll have to choose between keeping her secrets hidden and keeping Will safe.

My Review (may contain spoilers!):

Interesting concept. The idea of having people ripple–having the ability to turn invisible–is pretty cool. I love the way Cidney Swanson created the ripple gene.

When they turn invisible they basically step out of their skin. They don’t feel hot or cold, hungry or thirsty. They can walk through things and each material (plaster wall vs. glass door) has a different feel to it and that was described pretty well.

Aside from the cool idea of rippling, the plot itself was okay. Someone is out there trying to kill people who can ripple. It’s not explained that much as the characters try to figure it out themselves. Also, this is the first book in a series so I’m sure it’ll be more explained as it goes on.

However, this book didn’t have a lot of information and the information that was revealed didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

The characters were alright. The protagonist, Samantha, was a hit or miss I think. She cried… a lot. That got annoying pretty fast.

Will, her friend, was 18-years-old. He didn’t act like it. He lives with his older sister (who was pretty cool) and she was pretty protective of him. The way they acted it made it seem as though Will was a lot younger than he was.

The novel was okay, but will I be going out to get the next book? Probably not.

Rippler by Cidney Swanson gets 3 out of 5 stars.

Favorite Quote:

“I tasted all the bitterness of this choice, because if life were fair, I wouldn’t have to choose between them.” –Cidney Swanson, Rippler

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