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If you love to write then I’m sure you’ve heard of Writer’s Digest before. You’ve probably checked back there more than once to help with your own writing.

I just wanted to give Writer’s Digest a shout out on my blog because it’s really a great community.

If you go on their website you’ll find writing contests, prompts, helpful articles, writing resources, different blogs and events, and so much more.

I check on the website often (mostly for the contests), but pretty much everything on their site is helpful in more ways than one.

Their website is good, but I do love their magazine. Kris is subscribed to it so we get it whenever the next issue is out.

She just got the latest issue in the mail the other day and it had a list of agents all seeking new authors.

Since my children’s book is in the querying stage at the moment, I loved this. There are a few agents on the list that I have never come across before who represent my genre, so querying to them will definitely be on my to-do list soon.

Plus, one of the main articles was all about the mystery, thriller, and suspense genre. Which, as you guys probably know by now, is the genre of my first novel.

I think my personal favorite is the issue that has the annual list of 101 best websites for writers. That issue already came out so I’m sure you can find the list somewhere if you’re not subscribed to Writer’s Digest already.

If you are a writer, I would highly recommend utilizing Writer’s Digest as often as you can if you don’t already.

It helps a lot more than you would think.

10 thoughts on “Writer’s Digest

  1. Oh! Congrats! I didn’t know they had a magazine one could subscribe to. I’ve been to their site several times… *shakes head* That’s excellent! Good luck! 😀

  2. I love Writer’s Digest. I often check out the site for the latest posts, search old posts for whatever writing issue that ails me, and the contests. I even follow some of my favorite editors, writers, guest columnists on Twitter and other social media. I’m dying to go to their conference in NY (someday I will). Now I’m thinking of writing an article to pitch to the magazine.

    • Following them on Twitter is a good idea. I’m sure you get some helpful tips from that as well. I love their contests, too. That’d be great if you pitched an article to them. Good luck if you decide to do that. 🙂

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