Bang by Lisa McMann

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Title: Bang
Author: Lisa McMann
Genre: Young adult paranormal
How I got the book: I bought it

Summary (from Amazon):

Jules should be happy. She saved a lot of people’s lives and she’s finally with Sawyer, pretty much the guy of her dreams. But the nightmare’s not over, because she somehow managed to pass the psycho vision stuff to Sawyer. Excellent.

Feeling responsible for what he’s going through and knowing that people’s lives are at stake, Jules is determined to help him figure it all out. But Sawyer’s vision is so awful he can barely describe it, much less make sense of it. All he can tell her is there’s a gun, and eleven ear-splitting shots. Bang.

Jules and Sawyer have to work out the details fast, because the visions are getting worse and that means only one thing: time is running out. But every clue they see takes them down the wrong path. If they can’t prevent the vision from happening, lives will be lost. And they may be among the casualties…

My Review (may contain spoilers!):

They don’t understand how, but Jules passed along her vision “curse” to the man she loves–Sawyer.

Now Sawyer is seeing visions everywhere and his are much more gory than what Jules saw. Sawyer hears 11 gunshots and can see people dying from gunshot wounds due to a school shooting.

With the help of Trey and Rowan, Jules’s two siblings, Jules and Sawyer piece together his visions to figure out when and where the shooting will happen.

This novel felt repetitive. The only difference between this novel and the first one, Crash, was that Sawyer was seeing the visions instead of Jules and the disaster was a school shooting and not a car accident.

I still loved the characters and the plot even though it was more or the less the same as the first novel. It was another quick-read and two new characters were introduced as a result of the shooting.

I do have to give credit to Lisa McMann because school shootings have been pretty big lately. Plus, the culprits opened fired at a club meeting for people who are gay. Another controversial topic. She did really well capturing those two issues in a unique way.

Bang by Lisa McMann gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Favorite Quote:

“Hell, I wish all guys could just cry and not have it be such a big stupid deal. Shed a tear. Be a man. Whatever.” –Lisa McMann, Bang

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