Short Story Sunday #70

SSS Decisions Distractions

            The sound pierced my eardrums. I began to wonder if I was going to lose my hearing or maybe she would lose her voice. Either way, I just wanted it to be silent again. I couldn’t concentrate on my work.

It wasn’t just the noise that bothered me, either. It was also what she was doing. She was so distracting with her mannerisms and body movement. I found myself glancing up from my computer screen to see what she was doing. I anticipated her next move every time.

She was on the ground, her eyes darting from left to right indecisively. There were six items surrounding her. I smirked wondering which one she was going to pick. I heard a low grunt come from the back of her throat.

I put my computer down on the coffee table in front of me and leaned forward on the couch. She kept turning her head back and forth between her choices and me. I watched intensely as she stared down everything in front of her.

Then, I noticed she slowly leaned back readying for a pounce. With a subtle growl before a quick bark, she leaped into the air and landed right on top of one of the six toys in front of her.

I nodded my approval of her decision and leaned back watching her wrestle with it. It wasn’t too long before she laid down with the toy in between her paws to rest. I let out a chuckle at how quickly she wore herself out.

At least now I was able to get some work done.


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