My Kindle Broke

So I went on vacation and brought my Kindle. I read one book on there and was in the middle of another book on the way home.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to finish that book for a little while. I mean, I have the Kindle app on my iPad so I could continue to read it, but I’m bummed out that I don’t have my actual Kindle anymore.

We came home Saturday morning and Saturday night I was looking at my Kindle to see what kind it was. I never had a case for it so I wanted to ask for one for my birthday.

When I turned it on, it said the battery was dead. It was 3 quarters full just that morning and the battery normally lasts forever.

I plugged it in. It turned on, but the light was orange instead of green. I unplugged it to see how the battery was, but it remained on the charging symbol and the light shut off. None of the buttons worked.

Kris managed to shut it all the way off, but now it won’t turn back on. I kept it plugged in hoping that would work. I finally got the green light so I turned it on. The screen remained blank and after a few tries, the dead battery symbol showed up again.

I’m pretty sad about this. I had a lot of books on there that I hadn’t read yet. Again, I can still read it through the app on my iPad, but I want my actual Kindle.

I also wish I knew why it broke. I’ll be two- or three-years-old in December. As far as I know Kindles should last a lot longer than that. But it is the first edition Kindle, so… I don’t know.

I guess I know what I want for my birthday now.

16 thoughts on “My Kindle Broke

  1. Sorry about the Kindle. It’s always confusing when a piece of tech up and dies for no discernible reason. My wife lost several iPods over the years to them simply dying. Got so bad we thought she had a powerful magnet in her purse or something.

  2. I seem to have inherited my mother’s ability to go through electronics like it’s nobody’s business. I do something – something so simple and easy that I’ve see my husband and every other technological person I know do – and it breaks. *sigh* I understand the frustration. Hopefully, you’ll get a new kindle soon. I’ve gotten into the habit of reading on my smartphone. I downloaded the app to my phone because it was easier to carry with me since I don’t carry a purse.

  3. It may be your battery. I have problems with my battery every once in a while. Luckily I haven’t had to replace my battery. But It may be that your internal battery needs replacing.

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