Time to Write: Try, Try Again

Last week’s prompt was a sentence starter, “The next big app…”

Here’s mine:

The next big app was a life saver. All you had to do was plug in everything about yourself as time went on and the app did the work for you.

“When you first buy the app,” I explained to my friend, “it asks for a lot of information about you. Physical appearance, emotions in certain situations, education, etc. It’s a little personal, but the more information you give, the better the app works for you.”

My friend blinked at me. She glanced down at her phone with a raised eyebrow tilting her head to the side. “Well, that’s a little odd. I think the app should buy me dinner first.”

I rolled my eyes. “It’s not like that, Stacey. The longer you use it, the better it gets to know you. For example, you can plug in the food you eat during the day. After a week or so, if you’re hungry, you can just ask what you should eat. The app will tell you.”

Stacey looked up at me with her upper lip curled in disgust. “Why in the world would I need an app to tell me what to eat?”

“It was just an example.”

“It’s stupid.”

“Stacey, you’re the only person I know who doesn’t have this app.” I grunted in exasperation. “People practically live off of this app.”

Stacey shook her head. She exited out of the app store and turned the screen off on her phone placing it in her back pocket. “I don’t need an app to tell me how to live my life, thank you very much.”

I sighed turning the other way. She didn’t know what she was missing. The app was constantly getting bigger, better, and more popular. Before we knew it, the app would most likely be running the world. How cool would that be?

I mean, it’s an app so it wouldn’t be biased against anyone or anything because it has no feelings. It would lie like more politicians did. It would be great for everyone. I didn’t know how Stacey was going to be able to get along in a world where she was the only one not using the app.

Stacey turned on the TV and the news came on breaking me out of my thoughts. I turned to the TV to watch.

“Want to watch a movie?” she asked. She always asked that when she wanted to change the subject.

I opened my mouth to respond when I realized what was going on the news. “Turn it up!” I patted her arm and pointed to the TV screen with my other hand.

Stacey obeyed upon seeing the headlines on the news.

“Today, a man turned himself into the police after killing his best friend. He expressed that he was guilty and felt horrible for taking his friend’s life.” the newscaster explained.

She looked over at her co-host sighing. “Apparently, this new app everyone is raving about told him to do it.”

Stacey and I glanced at each other with our mouths wide open in shock. I swallowed a lump in my throat and deleted the app.

Now onto this week’d prompt…

TTW Try Try Again

Sometimes we succeed the first time. Sometimes we fail and then have to try a few times before we succeed.

Write about a character who tries something new in his or her life. Will they fail? Succeed? How many times will they have to try in order to succeed?

It can be something as complicated as getting into college or as simple as learning to ride a bike.

If you choose to participate, post your work in the comments. I’d love to see what you come up with.

Next Friday, before revealing the next prompt, I’ll post my version of the prompt along with anyone else who participates with a link back to their blog.

Happy writing!

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