August Goals

August 2015 Goals


With five Saturdays in August, comes five book reviews. This month I plan on reading…

1. Anything Could Happen by Will Walton
2. My Faire Lady by Laura Wettersten
3. One of the Few by Jason B. Ladd
4. Rippler by Cidney Swanson
5. Savage Run by E.J. Squires

These books are subject to change depending on my mood and the fact that I go to the bookstore every week.


I want to finish my rewrite of George Florence and then start editing it. Hopefully the rewrite shouldn’t take too much longer.

I want to continue querying my children’s book, Nature According to Bobby, to agents. I also want to keep submitting to magazines and contests. I have a few lined up… it’s just a matter of writing something for them.


There’s not too much going on in the world of blogging.

Everything will more or less be the same. I’m hoping you guys are all enjoying the features I’ve been doing lately.

What are your plans for August?

9 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. That’s an extensive list! The only way I’d get it all done is if I put it all into my Outlook calendar with daily reminders and tried to get one done each day. Good luck, Ambitious!

  2. Reading, writing, crafting, and making some more Youtube videos. 😉 That’s all I have planned and, like your list, is subject to change. 😀

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