What is a deadline?

A deadline is a date and/or time when something should be completed by. This something could be anything; homework, a story being sent to a publisher, or maybe a blog post that needs to be made public to the world.

Who makes the deadlines?

In the writing world, if you’re submitting to a contest or sending something to a publisher, then they most likely make the rules and deadlines. If you’re writing for yourself and trying to keep yourself on a schedule, then you make the deadlines.

How effective are deadlines?

Are you a procrastinator? If yes, then deadlines are certainly good for you. That means you’ll get it done eventually–mostly sooner rather than later.

Do you think deadlines are a good idea?

Yes. I love deadlines. I make myself deadlines for everything. I create a daily to do list every morning when I wake up. Deadlines are challenges and I’m always up for a good challenge. Seriously though, I use deadlines all the time for my writing and editing. I usually give myself a month at the most. If I can write 50k in a month for NaNo, I can do that for any month.

How often do you meet your deadlines?

Next question.

What skills do you need in order to complete deadlines on time?

Time management. I think the key to sticking with your deadlines–personal deadlines or work ones–is to have a routine and stick with it. That way your brain will know what to do and when. You’ll get it done without even realizing.

What deadlines do you have coming up?

Well, I whipped this blog post up first thing this morning because I forgot to write it last night. It totally didn’t come out the way I planned, but… oh well.

I also have to submit a story to my writers group… due today. In my defense, I edited the story last night and didn’t send it because I wanted to give it one last look over, but I was going cross-eyed.

I also wanted to have my 50k for Camp NaNo written for today as that would have been a new record for me. I have 15k more to write, though. I want to see how much I can write today and tomorrow as I’m itching to get back to work on George Florence again. Although I have to admit, Hunter is coming out pretty well.

What writing deadlines do you have for yourself? Do you stick with them? Do the deadlines help you or just stress you out?

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10 thoughts on “Deadlines

  1. This funny considering that my deadlines post a week or so ago went like this:

    There are two types of emotions I experience every month between the 18th and 28th.

    1) 18th. Dysphoria – intermigled with dread/worry/anxiety

    2) 28th. Euphoria – radiating with relief/joy/anxiety

    Why these two particular emotions? It’s simple. I’m a writer. Why during those particular days? Deadlines.

  2. Funny you should mention this… I have a deadlines post planned for next month as I’ve been busy creating deadlines… lol

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