How I Began Writing Mystery

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There’s something about mystery that tends to draw people in. The suspense and thrill of it all is very enticing. Yet, I never imagined myself wanting to write mystery novels.

I’ve been writing since I was ten-years-old. The first novel I ever wrote was a young adult high school drama. The second was fantasy with superheroes.

I always enjoyed X-Men, Justice League, Batman, etc. I loved the idea of people with superpowers. Most of my novel ideas surrounded around that. I always thought that was going to be my forte.

Yet I’ve always enjoyed playing video games as well. My favorite being The Legend of Zelda series. The timeline for that series is absolutely amazing. The puzzles are great and the mystery behind the Hero of Time is fantastic. I always had a will to write as great as that.

Of course there are TV shows, as well. I enjoyed watching Burn Notice and Chuck, both shows about spies. My favorite is Psych which is about a “psychic” detective. I always enjoy watching shows like this and try to figure out the ending before the hour is up.

Then I discovered the video game series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney with my sister, Kris. You play as a defense lawyer where you investigate crime scenes, talk to witnesses, then go to court and clear your client with a not guilty verdict.

This video game was the final push I needed to start writing George Florence, my mystery series. I began writing without knowing too much about the mystery genre. I sort of made stuff up as I went along.

I started reading more novels in the mystery genre when I started writing mystery. For example, I read the Psych series and the alphabet mystery series by Sue Grafton.

There have so many inspirations for my beginning and interest in the mystery genre. However, I look back at old novel ideas that I still plan on writing someday and each one has some sort of mystery or suspense aspect to it.

I guess I always enjoyed mystery, but just didn’t realize it right away.

12 thoughts on “How I Began Writing Mystery

  1. That’s fantastic! I have always found mystery to be challenging to write, because there is a skill about leaving just enough clues for the reader to make a guess but still be surprised at the end. I like the title (I’m assuming he’s the main character?” George Florence. It has a nice ring to it.

    • Mystery is a tough genre to write, but it is a lot of fun. Thanks! I actually “made up” the word Florence. It was a while later that I realized it’s a place in Italy, lol.

      • I think all writing is fun, it’s its own way. Haha, really? My Dad did that once with my little brother, made up some name of “poisonous cherries”. Told him they cherries he had been gobbling were deadly Botswana cherries. Didn’t realize that was a real place in Africa! Funny how that happens. Perhaps we heard it somewhere and it was floating around in our subconscious. :p

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