Spilled Ink Is Open!

Remember that surprise I told you all about at the beginning of the month? Well, here it is!

Spilled Ink

Spilled Ink is now open for all of you to enjoy!

Kris and I have been thinking of creating our own writing group with our writing buddies here on WordPress for a while and now it’s a reality.

Spilled Ink is a community to do all sorts of writerly things, such as:

–Swapping manuscripts; giving and getting feedback on your work
–Posting and participating in writing prompts
–Discussions about characters, plot, editing, world-building, etc.
–Promote your blog, website, book, etc.

Kris and I have met a lot of wonderful writers through WordPress, so we decided it would be great for all of us to get to know each other a little better. We can help each other out with our writing in the process.

Spilled Ink is a laid-back community. There are no true deadlines for everyone to meet at the same time. If you need a manuscript to be critiqued, you can post it in the Story Profiles and people will sign up to read it and give you feedback. From there, you can decide how long you would like the turn-around time to be.

It works both ways as well. You can post in the Reader Profiles and people with stories can ask you to read their story.

You may have one person critiquing your story or you might have five or more. It’s up to you and also up to the people willing to take on stories.

Since Kris and I are the admins, we’ll try our best to read and critique as many stories as we can.

Spilled Ink is hosted by Proboards. Kris and I have nearly ten years experience with that forum host (we used to role-play a lot). If you’ve never been on there before, it’s pretty easy to navigate. You’ll get used to it in no time.

Kris and I have a few other ideas for the website as well, but that depends on how many people join and are willing to participate.

So, if you’re reading this then consider yourself invited. If you’re interested (and we really hope you are) you can visit Spilled Ink HERE and register! Don’t worry; it’s free.

We hope to see you all there!

23 thoughts on “Spilled Ink Is Open!

  1. Rachel, is posting on Spilled Ink considered private (i.e. not the same as putting something up on your blog)? Most places want original work and will not accept something that’s been on your blog.

    • It’s private, yeah. You have to be a member to view the threads. But it’s a site to find beta-readers. The stories won’t be posted directly to the site. You can swap manuscripts through email or Dropbox or something else to keep it private between you and your beta-reader.

  2. I once knew a man named Charles Banks Jr. He ran a website / poetry ezine called spilt ink. Charles recently died of cancer. He was so young, and such an influence.

    Seeing this spilled ink come into my life, just after Charles’ passing and the closing of spilt ink, has brought a tear to my eye as a happy sigh rises from my lips. Thank you. I will explore. Cheers. MI

    • I didn’t know about that site or of Charles. I’m sorry to hear that he’s passed away. If you like Spilled Ink and decide to join, I hope it’s just as influential for you.

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