And The Winner Is…

I received 19 votes on last week’s poll, What Should I Write for Camp NaNo. I have to say that the results were kind of close. All three novels were tied up for most of the race (which was why I spammed my social media accounts for more votes).

In the end, one did pull ahead and actually stayed in first for a while. The winner is…



The picture might be a bit hard to read, but Hunter came in first with 9 votes. Cybertra and A Job To Get Done both came in second with 5 votes each.

I have so many novels that I’ve started and never finished because new ideas always pop up in my head. These are only three of the many novels that are half-finished.

A Job To Get Done was started a long time ago at a writing session with my sister at Barnes & Noble. I forget how the idea came to me, but it was spur the moment as I couldn’t decide what to write that day. I did write it for Camp NaNo one year, but didn’t get too far. The novel only has seven pages written.

Cybertra was a novel inspired by Iron Man. I decided to write that for Camp NaNo one year and never finished. The novel has 97 pages written.

Hunter was yet another Camp NaNo novel (trust me–I didn’t think of that when I put them in the poll together… I only knew they were all started and never finished. I remembered I wrote Cybertra for Camp, but not the other two). Believe it or not, I never finished that one, either.

However, Hunter is actually already completed. It was the second novel I ever wrote and finished at 221 pages. I started writing the sequel shortly after completing only the first two chapters before I came up with the idea for George Florence.

A few people mentioned they didn’t agree with me writing Hunter because then I would be writing two series at once. I agree with that, but I need a change of pace (no offense, George!) and need to write something different. I think a month is a good enough break.

I’ve edited Hunter a few times and while editing the most recent draft I realized it needed some serious rewriting. So, that’s just what I’m going to do for Camp.

Despite it being part of a series, you guys actually picked the “easiest” one for me to write. Wish me luck!

I hope you all know what you’re writing for Camp; we have about 20 more days.

Thanks to all those who voted! I think it’ll be a great camp session!

27 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. I love that you posted a little more backstory about each piece. Awesome! I actually went back through all my past projects for NaNo and will probably do the same as you did here to complete started projects. Granted, that’s a ways off as I’m still trying to finish one series, but hey! It’s a plan. And I sure do love plans. Especially breaking them. Mwah ha ha ha ha!!!

    While I said it’s bad to start a second series, I really do love that idea, and I’m glad that it won in the end. Part of me wondered if I could change my vote. Sometimes all we need is a break, and with two series going, whenever you tire of one, you can switch to the other, and that’s a great idea I’ve done (why I’ve got so many unfinished projects actually) but didn’t consider when you put up the vote. *facepalm*

    • Thanks! Yeah, it’s tough working on the same project all the time. I’m rewriting George Florence this month so I want to step away from it for a month. I plan on getting back to it and start edits on it come August.
      Hunter has always had a special place in my heart since it was the second novel I ever wrote (and the first decent one). It’s a trilogy that’s been all planned out for a long time–I know exactly how the series is going to end, lol.
      Which novel did you vote for, anyway? You said, “I choose… that one!” I’ve been curious to which one you chose. 🙂

      • I chose A Job to get Done. I know you prefer mysteries, and that one sounded really good. Don’t get me wrong, I loved all three ideas, but that was the one that (besides Hunter) drew me the most.

        I’ve have about a month and a half hiatus from the second Shifters & Mages, so I’ll be hitting it full swing in July.

        • Sounds good to me. It’s funny because it wasn’t until I started writing George Florence that I realized I loved mystery so much. But writing those summaries and looking back at my past novels and ideas, I realized that a lot of my novels have a mystery aspect to it.
          Will you be working on the second book for Camp? Or is it just something you need to start working on again?

          • It’s my Camp project. Already have it set up actually. I keep saying I’ll be editing it, but if I’m honest with myself, thanks to the timeline issues I need to clean up, it’s more like re-writing.

  2. Good luck glad you chose that not sure if I’m going to do camp this time. I’m trying to finish my novel this month if I do then I won’t participate if I don’t finish it then I will. 😊

    • That makes sense. I have so many projects going on that I try to participate in camp every year to help me get more done, lol. Good luck finishing your novel and good luck with camp if you decide to participate! 🙂

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