How Not To Write

I came across this the other day and thought I needed to share it with you guys.

This is a video of George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones) attempting to sit down and get a writing session in before the end of the day.

Just like every other writer who is a human being, he gets easily distracted.

This is how not to write, but it’s how we all write. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because in the end, we all have written.

I got a good kick out of the video because I do the same thing when I try to write. I surf the Internet, watch an episode or three of my favorite show, play video games, sing way too loud to the music that’s supposed to be helping me focus… I could go on.

I originally found the video on Buzzfeed, so you can check it out for yourself.

Happy Tuesday and may you all get distracted in your writing endeavors today!

9 thoughts on “How Not To Write

  1. I don’t think negative reinforcement is a good idea, but I do find ‘How Not To Write a Novel’ by Sandra Newman and Howard Mittlemark, an endless source of joy in really bad writing. The only trouble is reading bad prose by leading authors becomes unintentionally hilarious.

    • I find it funny because most people believe writers sit at a desk and type away at a computer all day long when they do just the opposite. I think the distractions add to the creativity in the end, though.

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