Weekly Wrap-Up 6/1-6/5

Weekly Wrap Up

From my June Goals list, this is what I’ve accomplished this week.


I completed reading The Neon Lawyer by Victor Methos. You can expect a review of that to be posted tomorrow. I’m not too sure which book I’ll be reading next.


I’ve been keeping up with writing 2,000 words a day for George Florence. The rewrites are going pretty well so far. Today I should be at 10k words and my current count is 6,009. I’m behind, but I’ll catch up during my writing session on Saturday.

I have yet to start an outline for my Camp NaNo novel because voting is still going on. If you haven’t already, please click HERE and you can vote on which novel I should write for next month. That’s much appreciated!

Since it’s still early in the month, I haven’t really started any querying or submitted to any contests yet.


This week I shared some writing contests with you guys for June and July. I also wrote an Inspiration Station about research for mystery novels.

Overall, it’s been a good week and I’m slowly chipping away at my June goals. I hope you guys are making progress as well!


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