June Is Mystery Month!

June 2015 Goals

May Wrap-Up:

If you read my May Goals post, you’ll know that I made a lot of writing, reading, and blogging goals for myself. Before I tell you my goals for June, here’s how I did with my May Goals:


–I read all five books I intended to read during the month. If you’re unsure what books those were or would like to read the reviews I wrote for them, they’re listed on my Reading List.


–My writing group went well this month. I read some pretty good samples and also got great feedback on George Florence.

–I wrote one Short Story Sunday a day, leaving me with 31 short stories. I now have enough to carry me through the rest of 2015.

–I queried my children’s book to five agents. Doesn’t seem like much, but I think it’s a good start.

–I found some writing contests to submit to for the rest of 2015. I will definitely be sharing those contests with you guys. At the beginning of every month, I’ll share deadlines for the following month to give you guys a good head’s up.

Kris and I finished that writing project we were working on. This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while now. We finally got around to doing it and we’re excited that it’s ready for you guys! There will be more on that on June 15, so make sure you check back!


–I didn’t have any blogging goals other than posting every day… Which I did. So I guess I win, yes?

Now for my June goals. I have a lot of new things going on for my blog. One of them being…

Mystery Month Logo

–Mystery Month is going to be throughout the whole month of June. Since there are four Sundays during June, my Short Story Sundays will be a four-part mystery series. Every Wednesday there will be a new article about the mystery genre. I will be reading all mystery novels for my book reviews. My six on the sixth will be a mini mystery. I will also post a summary and excerpt of my mystery novel, George Florence, at the end of the month.Β I hope you all enjoy this month-long feature!

–On June 15 both Kris and I will be posting on our blogs about the project we’ve been working on. We hope you all enjoy that as well as join! (Yes, I said “join”)

–I’m going to start a new feature on Friday. Usually on Fridays I post a picture or quote about writing or reading or what have you. I will still do that, but I’ll also be adding a little more to it. Fridays will now be known as Weekly Wrap-Up. With my monthly goals I decided it would be best to let you guys know how I’m doing on those goals. So Weekly Wrap-Up will be an update of what goals I’m completed or worked on during that week.


–There will be four book reviews in June. In no particular order, I plan on reading…

1. No Turning Back by Tiffany Snow
2. The Neon Lawyer by Victor Methos
3. Psych: The Call of the Mild by William Rabkin
4. Dog On It by Spencer Quinn

The books may change depending on my mood. I may also be able to read more than just four, depending on how quickly I’m able to get through each novel.


–I’m going to start my rewrite ofΒ George Florence. I plan on writing 2,000 words a day on it. I’m going to treat it like a NaNo month. I’m changing the POV and will be following a new character as the protagonist. I know; yikes. But I’m hoping it’ll be the best for the novel. We shall see.

–I need to prep my submissions for some writing contests and remember to actually submit them. Those will be shared with all of you at a later date… Tomorrow.

–I plan on querying my children’s book to more agents. I sent it to five agents in May and heard back from one so far (it was a no, obviously… But at least I got a response!)

–I need to prep and outline my next novel for Camp NaNoWriMo in July. I can’t believe another session is coming up so soon. I have no idea what I’m going to write, but I do know it’s not going to be anotherΒ George Florence novel. I need to focus on the first novel since that’s giving me trouble at the moment. Plus, I have books two and three written. I don’t think there’s any need for me to start on book four.

June is going to have a bit of everything; writing, editing, outlining, querying, blogging, reading… It’s sure going to be busy, but it will be productive and I’m sure I’ll be proud of the results! I hope you guys enjoy the results, as well.

What are your plans for June?

15 thoughts on “June Is Mystery Month!

  1. Wonderful post. Wrap-up and new plans! Woo! I can’t wait to learn more about the project you and Kris have been working on.

    A publisher I know I’ll be considering for childrens’ books is PDMI Publishing. They are a smaller publishing house, and I’m not certain if they are accepting submissions yet, but I can put you in contact with a couple of people that can answer those questions (and more). Their site is currently under construction. πŸ™

  2. Wow, congratulations on starting querying – how exciting, and good luck! And also, I am unspeakably excited for Mystery Month. (That has a nice ring to it. ;)) Can’t wait to hear about the new project you and Kris have been dreaming up!

    • Thanks! I’m excited for Mystery Month, as well (it does have a nice ring to it! ;)) I’m also excited to share the project! Stay tuned. πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Rachel! Thanks for the comment! I am reading your blog and very impressed by your writing/blogging plans. To write is not just fun, it’s hard work, and one needs to push themselves everyday to turn a hobby into a profession. Your determination is impressive and inspiring! Good luck with all your projects! You definitely have my follow.

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