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How Fast Can You Read?

Thanks to Galit’s blog Coffee N’ Notes, I’m going to share something really cool with you guys.

It’s an interactive speed reading test through Staples. What you do is read a passage like you normally read and answer three questions about what you read. It times you to calculate your average reading speed and also to see if you can actually remember what you read.

Here are my results:

Speed Reading

I’m in the middle of “8th grade students” and “average adults.” That makes sense to me; I’m not a very quick reader. I didn’t need the test to tell me that much.

The test tells you a lot more, though.

It tells you how long it would take you to read certain books. For example, it would take me 36 hours and 7 minutes to read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. It would take me 4 hours and 44 minutes to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Apparently, I can read 1.8 books on my Kindle before I have to recharge it.

It’s a lot of fun and I enjoyed doing it.

I believe there’s a National Book Day or National Reading Day or something like that (I remember seeing something on Twitter a while ago). I think people should pledge a certain amount of hours to see how much reading they can get done. It would be like one of those dance-a-thons for charity, only it would be a read-a-thon. How cool would that be?

Maybe I’ll try that sometime when I have a free day or two in a row. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Click here to take the test yourselves. I’d love to see your results!



Born and raised in Massachusetts, Rachel Poli is a writer and blogger. She has an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a bachelor’s degree in English Studies. She enjoys writing young adult novels, middle-grade, and children’s picture books. She is currently working on her first novel.

23 thoughts on “How Fast Can You Read?

  1. I got 577 wpm, 131% higher than the average, just a tiny bit above high-level corporate executives, but I only got 2 out of 3 of the questions right and the sample page was from a book I knew very well, so it probably counts as cheating.
    Though that probably means I fit in even better with the corporate executives!

    1. That’s awesome! I think it’s a different passage to read each time you do it, so I think the answer might always change. At any case, it’s a good ballpark. 🙂

    1. I get easily distracted, too. I think I did as well as I did because I knew I was being timed, so I paid more attention than usual, lol.

  2. I got 394 words per minute, making me 58% above the national average. Answered all three questions correctly too. That places me between 11th grade students and average college students. Not bad. I have a bad habit of skimming and actually slowed down to do this because of the “quiz”. lol Now I want to read the book this passage comes from though.

    1. Not bad at all. Yeah, I read extra careful because of the quiz and I still only got two out of the three right, lol. What book did you read from? I think there’s three different books.

    2. I must admit I don’t agree with their average reading times for other books though because anytime I’m reading something and come across words I don’t know, I pause to look them up, making me a slower reader actually.

      1. Yeah, that’s true. It’s not accurate in that sense because you need to go for bathroom breaks or the dog wants to play or the phone rings…

  3. Aww ❤ Thank you so much fir sharing and reblogging 🙂
    You did really good and when you'll read something you love you will do even better… much better ❤
    This is such a fun site (don't take it too serious, lol) 😀

  4. 534 wpm. 114% higher than national average! I read at my normal speed and got all the questions right. Apparently this means I could read HP&TSS by JKRowling in only 2hrs24mins! Of the ones I’d read from the given list, I’d say it was mostly accurate!

    1. That’s good! I want to binge read some of those books and see if it’s right, lol. I would also love to try it again in a few months and see if I’ve improved. 🙂

      1. I just did it three times in a row with each of the texts and got similar results (best was 587wpm!) with all 3 questions answered correctly. I must be a reading machine!

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