Short Story Sunday #58

SSS Redecorating

“I think that picture should go on that wall over there.” My sister grunted pointing to the wall opposite me on the other side of the room.

I looked over my shoulder holding the heavy wooden frame over my head. My gaze followed my sister’s finger over to the spot she pointed to. I sighed in annoyance. I had just pinned the picture up over there and she said she would prefer it to hang over the couch.

“Would you make up your mind?” I growled lifting the picture off the wall. It was a good thing I didn’t nail anything down yet.

I stepped off the couch and placed the frame on the floor leaning it against the couch. Putting both my hands on my hips, I stared my sister down waiting for her to respond. Her eyes darted all across the room and I knew that if I tried hanging the picture up again she was just going to rethink the position and want it someplace else.

“Actually…” her voice rasped as she stroked her chin, “maybe the picture wouldn’t really look good in this room after all. What do you think?”

I glared at her. “No, we’re leaving the picture in here. It was both our instincts to hang it up in this room, so we’re sticking with that.”

“Fine,” she let her arms dangle by her side as she paced around the room.

I rubbed my temples staring at the ground. I didn’t understand why it needed to be absolutely perfect. This was our bedroom; no one ever came in here so no one was ever going to see the picture.

“How about–”

I shook my head holding up a hand. “No, why don’t we just put it in its original spot that you suggested?” I pointed to the other side of the room, opposite from the couch. She had revisited that same spot three times. She must have wanted the picture there deep down.

“Well…” she frowned and cocked her head to the side unsure.

I grabbed the picture off the floor and held it up on the wall. I twisted my neck to look at my sister and smiled.

“See? It looks perfect up here.”

Without waiting for her to respond I grabbed some nails and a hammer and started pounding away. My sister watched me in silence as I banged the nails in deeper and deeper into the wall. Finally, with very little nail left sticking out, I put the hammer down and took a step back. I smiled at the frame hanging above our window. It was the first thing you would see upon walking into the room.

“Hm,” my sister nodded approvingly, “I think it looks good up there. But… where are we going to put the other picture?”

I frowned at the thought of going through this all over again with another frame.

“What other picture?” I wondered.

“I bought a painting from an online auction. It’s a lot smaller than that one so it would have been perfect above the window.” She explained to me staring at the picture I just hung up.

“Why didn’t you tell me that before I put the nails in?” I glared at her.

“Well, I told you I didn’t want it up there anymore. But you never listen to me…” she shrugged her shoulders and exited the room.

I sighed when I was alone. I looked up at the painting. I thought it looked perfect where I hung it. I just hoped the other paining looked good above her bed because that’s where it was going to go.

I was beginning to realize that I needed to block those auction websites from our computer.

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