777 Challenge

A few months ago I posted the Lucky Seven Challenge that I found through another blog. I was going to make that a regular thing on my blog since I had so many works in progress, but decided not to.

The first time I did this challenge, I did it for George Florence 2 because that was what I was currently working on. Now I realize that I never did it for the first novel.

The lovely Gwendolyn suggested I do this challenge again. I thought I would do it from George Florence since it’s in the editing stages so it’s technically still a work in progress.

The point is this:

1. On your current WIP, scroll to page seven.
2. Count seven sentences down.
3. Then share the following seven sentences after that.

The first time I did this the challenge was to count down seven lines and then share the next seven lines. I think sharing sentences makes much more sense because, if I recall correctly, I added extra because the seven lines ended in the middle of a sentence.

Anyway… here’s seven sentences from the seventh page of George Florence:

“Call me George.”

“You got to know my father. I didn’t.” Lilah ignored my comment looking me in the eyes once more. Now I noticed she had the same emerald eyes like her father, as well.

“I didn’t come to you because I want to know more about being a detective in case my writing career doesn’t work out—which will work out, by the way—I came here to get to know my father a little bit more.” Lilah announced.

Hm… I think that a decent teaser, don’t you?

Now I have the option of tagging people to do this challenge, but I don’t think I will. I do hope some of you do the challenge, though. I think it’s fun and I would love to see what comes from your works in progress!

15 thoughts on “777 Challenge

  1. I just did this challenge on FB two days ago. 😀

    This is from a short story I was working on at the time (no title yet). In fact, it’s near the end of it:

    No matter what she did, she would be the bad guy. In his mind, in his friends’ minds, even in the minds of her friends. But worse was not all of their thoughts that she was a terrible person. Worse was when she looked in the mirror and saw the monster inside her gazing back at her with a wicked grin on its face. It laughed, the sound sinister enough to make her cringe and cover her ears, but that did not drown out the laughter.

    • That’s awesome! The number seven is ironic and I’m also intrigued by the beginning. I’m curious as to what your story is about. Thanks for participating!

  2. I remember this from FB, but it wasn’t specific on the area of the page one should take. I was thinking of posting the related section on my blog anyway as a story teaser, so I guess I’m kind of doing this. Great teaser you have there. Tells a lot about the story.

  3. Hmmm, lucky seven challenge, huh? Here’s mine:

    Denizen glanced at Fahd curiously, but he didn’t question the claim. The desert man alone had the eyes to pierce the dying light. If Fahd said the other ship was a merchant ship, then either it was a merchant ship or it was posing as one.

    “What brings them so far from the normal trade routes?” Ian, the large human, or Taur as the man often insisted, asked. “Smuggling?”

    “Smuggling’s illegal,” replied Bilge, the crew’s Rigger. She snickered.

    Not so sure mine works quite as well as a teaser. But it’s a work in progress of course, so I might have something different some other day.
    I’ll have to remember to add one of these to my own blog. Well, ONE of my blogs, probably Pioneers of the Shattered Waters.

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