Reading Books May Contain Spoilers

I’m sorry to say that there is no book review today (I’m off to a great start this month!) due to recovery from surgery last week, finishing up my school semester, and getting back to work. Next week I’ll clump the two book reviews together; especially since they’re part of a series.

In other news, I had to share this with you guys…

I went to the bookstore last night and while I was browsing a young girl–who looked to be about 10- or maybe 11-years-old–and her mother were in the same aisle as me. We were in the young adult section and the young girl picked up a book and held it in front of her mother’s face.

Mother: Oh, did you want to get that?
Girl: Yeah, I think the book sounds pretty good.
Mother: But honey… if you read the book, then you’ll spoil the movie for yourself.

I had to walk into a different section because I didn’t know whether to laugh or to be horrified. I mean, who says that?

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

The mother should be encouraging her child to read. She should be using the movie as a treat for finishing the book so they can discuss the differences between the two, which one they liked better, etc. The movie is rarely anything like the book, anyway.

Education aside, why were they in the bookstore in the first place? If she wasn’t planning on buying any books–because apparently books have “spoiler alert” written all over it–why were they browsing?

There is a media section that sells music and movies downstairs, so were they lost? I don’t know.

Am I thinking too much into this? Yeah, probably; especially since it’s none of my business. I was just baffled, I guess.

I saw the mother and daughter leave the store and they were carrying a bag, so maybe the daughter was able to get the book after all. I hope she did and I hope she enjoys it a lot.

14 thoughts on “Reading Books May Contain Spoilers

    • Yeah, I couldn’t believe someone would say that to their child. I don’t even understand why they were there in the first place because it sounded as though they didn’t intend on buying anything, even though they did.

  1. Unreal. But mom, if I watch the movie first then it might spoil the book for me.
    Not that it matters, but I wonder if whatever book she’d picked up even HAD a movie version. Not all of them do, contrary to, ahem, some people’s belief.

    That mother sounds a lot like some of the minor/extra characters in… what was that spoof movie? Oh, yeah “Vampires Suck,” one of the Twilight parodies.
    Anyway, the scene where the two main females are walking out of the theatre (having just watched one of the Breaking Dawn movies) and are talking about the “half vampire baby,” prompting someone waiting in line to yell at them about the spoiler alert.
    And all I could think was, WHAT spoiler alert? Anyone who cared would’ve known about that baby for at least three years before the movie was released!

    • I didn’t see the book she was holding, but you’re right. I have no idea if it even has a movie.
      I’ve never read Vampires Suck or the Twilight series, but I know what you mean. Most fans would have already read the books.

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