Camp NaNo: Last Two Days


There are two more days left of Camp NaNoWriMo. This is the final stretch. How are your novels coming along?

I hit my 50k word goal about a week ago, but the story is not yet complete. I wrote the ending, but there are a lot of scenes missing in the middle. I don’t know how many more scenes, but I do know the story is no where near complete.

Despite middle scenes missing, I know that a few of the middle scenes that are there shouldn’t exist. It got to the point that I was writing for the sake of my word count.

Anonymous Tip is the third novel in my George Florence series. The first two novels are one case with two sub-cases. This third novel is the beginning of another huge case. Same main characters, different minor characters, different plot, different cases… it’s a brand new adventure for George and Lilah.

While writing this case I realized that it might be better for me to completely edit the first two novels first. Then I’ll start working on the third novel.

So, I’m not going to finish the novel completely yet. I have a head start with 50k words (that’s decent, anyway) and I’ll get back to it when I finish the first two books.

George and Lilah can handle only so much at a time. Apparently so can I.

8 thoughts on “Camp NaNo: Last Two Days

  1. I am running into that issue with the two I’m working on for NaNo. Because book 2 hasn’t been completely edited, there are certain things that I had planned to happen in book 3 that aren’t happening and may not. When Camp’s over, I plan to finish editing 2 before finishing book 3. *sigh*

    • It’s confusing. Mine isn’t even really a plot issue, either. It’s more character development. It’s a big series, but each case is only two books long. So book three is kind of like starting a new series with the same characters… if that makes any sense, lol.

          • I think it would still be considered a single series. To me, it kind of reminds me of LOTR, which was originally one book, but split into three. Your mystery cases are each split between two books in the series. Am I close?

            • Yeah, you got it. Each case is two novels because otherwise it would be a really long novel. I know everyone is different, but I know it’s hard for debut authors to publish novels that are obnoxiously long. So I decided to split up each case into two novels. But… Now that I think about it, I wonder just how long it would be if I put it all together after editing and such?

              Ugh, there are so many decisions to make… Lol.

              • Once you’ve finished editing both, why not calculate your final word count and compare to most mystery novel lengths? You never know. Maybe it will work as a single novel. Maybe not. It’s worth checking out at least. 🙂

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