Four Types Of Writers

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

15 thoughts on “Four Types Of Writers

    • I’ve never been the wanna-be, either. I’ve written in a cafe and people-watched before, but I never sat there pretending to belong in the setting.

      • Never done the cafe thing. Edited at the library a few times. Stopped when I kept getting stuck next to people with really loud laptops even with headphones. One person was blasting the Kardashians while another was listening to Top Gear. It was rather disturbing.

      • That is a bit annoying… I enjoy writing at the cafe just because of the background noise. The library is too quiet for me, but I’ve never tried writing at the library either. So who knows?

    • I’m more of the disciplined writer myself. I like to get it done before I do anything, like go to work, because I know I’ll be too tired later on.

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