One More Day

Camp NaNoWriMo officially starts tomorrow… or tonight, if you want to get technical.

Are you ready? Because I feel like I’m not.

April is going to be a busy month for me. I have to take my Spanish final exam today and then my Spanish class is all done. So, I’ll only have three classes to worry about during the month of April. Yet, I’ll still have work six and half hours a day, plus that small bit of homework, plus blogging, reading, critiquing for my writing group as well as editing my own stuff to send in… oh, and I’m getting my wisdom teeth out towards the end of April.

That will certainly put my life at a stop for a couple of days.

Also, that doesn’t even include Easter, my cousin’s birthday, and my dad’s birthday.

April is going to be ridiculously busy when it’s usually not. But I can’t worry too much about it.

Aside from my Spanish exam, I already finished all my homework for this week. So starting tomorrow I won’t have school to worry about so I’m hoping to get a great head-start on NaNo.

Good luck, everyone!

16 thoughts on “One More Day

  1. I feel partially ready and partially not ready. Also, partially nervous and partially excited. Basically, my emotions have no idea what to do with themselves because that’s what Camp NaNo does to them. 🙂 April sounds like such a busy month for you, but hopefully you’ll still get lots of writing done. I have spring break this month, so I’m really excited about having free time to write.

    • That’s nice you have spring break. I’ll have a week off from work, but I’ll still have homework and I’ll be getting my wisdom teeth out at the end of that week. I’ll have to take advantage of as much free time that week as I can. I hope your spring break will be productive!

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