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February: Thrift Shop

For February’s #YearOfHappy I’m supposed to go to a thrift shop and buy something for myself that happy me happy, no matter how weird it may be.

Well, lucky for me, my church has a huge thrift shop. It has clothes and shoes for men, women, and children, toys, books, jewelry, handbags, small furniture, blank cards, little trinkets and figurines, CDs, DVDs, etc.

It’s open every Friday morning, but I always browse around Sunday morning before Sunday school starts. The store is a hit or miss; sometimes I find a few things I want and other times I don’t.

However, I kept a special eye out this time. I wanted to buy something new for myself and this post, even though I just bought some new clothes which made me extremely happy.

Guess what I found?

A couple of Pokemon toys.

Yep; I bought two small Pokemon figurines.


If you know me at all, you know I love Pokemon. I have most of the games, hoping to one day get all of the games (but the older they get, the more expensive they are). I have a few stuffed animals, a bunch of figurines, and of course a ton of Pokemon cards.

I like to collect everything Pokemon even though I don’t really use them. I just like to have them. Every once in a while, if I need a mindless, relaxing activity, I will sit in the middle of my bedroom and reorganize every single Pokemon card I own… it takes a long time.

It’s a weird hobby, I know.

I don’t usually buy this stuff for myself because it’s not something I need. I’m still paying off my school tuition and I’m trying to save up for a new car. So, if there’s something Pokemon related that I really want I’ll ask for it as a birthday gift or maybe buy it myself if I have a gift card.

So, when I found the Pokemon figurines at the thrift shop I was super excited!

I bought the only two there and ended up getting them for free. The ladies who run the thrift shop didn’t let me pay because I already do so much for the church, which was very nice of them.

If you’re joining in on the #YearOfHappy challenge, I would love to hear about what you bought this month.



Born and raised in Massachusetts, Rachel Poli is a writer and blogger. She has an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a bachelor’s degree in English Studies. She enjoys writing young adult novels, middle-grade, and children’s picture books. She is currently working on her first novel.

24 thoughts on “February: Thrift Shop

      1. Most people I know are like that. I have the problem of remembering which one is from which region. Of course, I remember the first generation though.

      2. Lol, yeah there’s also a mushroom that looks like a pokeball. They have over 700 Pokemon now. The creator said he doesn’t want to stop until they had have ten generations. I don’t know of that will actually happen though. It’s certainly popular enough.

      3. I know. There’s about 150 Pokemon in each generation, so if they do four more generations there’s going to end up being 1,500 or so Pokemon total.

  1. I love thrift shopping! I almost never shop at real stores anymore (other than for groceries and the like) and when I do, it’s only to look at the clearance racks. There is always some really great stuff at the Goodwill near me.

      1. The post has been edited. 🙂

        It’s funny because I was going to add a picture of them, but it was five in the morning when I wrote this post and I just didn’t feel like it. Also, I didn’t think anyone would care to see a picture. I guess I was wrong. 😉

  2. Ahhh, I LOVE thrift shopping! Unfortunately, we don’t have many thrift shops in Singapore, so I probably won’t be able to do the February #YearOfHappy, but I love seeing what everybody else bought this month 😀

    1. To be honest, the one in my church is the only thrift shop I know of. But it’s March now so I can’t wait to see what people do for that!

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