Character Spotlight: Lilah Williams

Questions for the Author:

What is your character’s name? Does he/she have a nickname?

The female protagonist in the Detective Florence series is Lilah Williams. She helps George with his freelance cases even though she’s a mere young adult without any experience in law enforcement. She does not have any nicknames, but if she’s annoying enough George may have a few choice words to say about her.

What color is his/her hair? What color are his/her eyes?

Lilah has thin, red hair flowing down to her waist. Her eyes are a bright green. George thinks she looks like an anime character.

Who are your character’s friends and family?

Lilah is an only child. She moved out of her house the moment she turned 18-years-old. Her father passed away when she was a baby and since then there was always some friction between her and her mother.

Where does your character live?

Lilah lives in a small apartment building. The apartment is big enough just for her; a small kitchen and living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. She only gets along with her elderly neighbor. She can’t stand her landlord.

What is his/her biggest fear?

Lilah’s biggest fear is that she will not be able to make her mother proud. Lilah wants to be a published author. Her mother hoped she would try for a more “steady” job, so Lilah is determined to be a writer despite the lack of encouragement from her mother.

Has your character ever been in love and/or had a broken heart?

No, she has never been in love. Lilah is 20-years-old and while she goes to school, has friends, and meets a lot of people, she’s never been interested in starting a relationship. She’s been too busy focusing on her studies and writing career.

What kind of clothes does he/she wear?

Lilah likes to wear light blouses and jeans. She doesn’t enjoy the cold very much, but she prefers to wear short sleeves as though it was summer all year long. Since she can’t wear flip-flops in the winter, she sticks with sneakers. No matter how much snow is on the ground, she’ll still wear sneakers.

What is he/she doing on his/her day off?

She tries to do a lot on her day off. She’s either doing homework or she’s writing. Sometimes she’ll be cleaning because she can be a bit of a neat-freak. Lilah always feels the need to be busy so she is constantly on the go. Every once in a while, she’ll stop to play some Mario Kart, but it’s not often.

What is his/her overall personality like?

Lilah acts like a child most of the time. She is outgoing, head-strong, and can be boisterous at times. She doesn’t have a filter and tends to speak before she thinks. It usually gets her in trouble, but she always has a way to get out of it.


Questions for the Character: 

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

“I think going to school would be my greatest achievement. I never thought I was going to go to college once I finished high school simply because I didn’t like school. I didn’t think I was going to be motivated to go to class and do homework. Once I moved out of my mom’s house, I felt like an adult and thought I would give it a try. I wanted to do something with my writing and I thought learning different techniques through a classroom with adults in the same boat as me would be a good experience.”

What is it that you most dislike?

“I don’t like messy rooms. That’s why it’s kind of tough being around George sometimes. He has good organization skills when it comes to his job, but when it comes to keeping his home clean… not so much. I try to clean around him, but he gets mad because then he ‘can’t find anything’ which I think is a load of crap.”

What is your greatest regret?

“I didn’t get to know my father and in some ways, my mother. I know it’s not my fault—nor in my control—that he passed away when I was a baby, but it was partially because he died that I didn’t have a good relationship with my mother. We were never close so we never had that mother/daughter bonding time. Because of that, I never felt comfortable enough to ask her about my dad.”

What is your best trait?

“I am very observant and I take good notes. Whenever George and I go to a crime scene and something needs to be solved, I can pick up most clues and I write a lot of notes down in my notebook. I always carry that with me no matter where I am.”

What is your worst flaw?

“I don’t know when to quit. There have been a couple of times George has had to hide case files on me because I constantly try to solve them. I work until I’m too exhausted to work anymore and even then I still try to keep going.”

What is your hobby?

“Writing is definitely my hobby and I hope to someday make it my career. I would love to have the opportunity to write all day long. Of course, now that I’ve been hanging out with George and helping him out with his cases, I would like to say solving crimes is another hobby of mine… but that sounds kind of weird.”

Who do you most admire?

“I think I most admire my father, even though I never knew him. However, I’ve been learning a lot about him as George and I try to figure out his death. George has also told me a lot about him, too. My dad took his job seriously and he never gave up on anyone or his cases. He was always willing to help others.”

2 thoughts on “Character Spotlight: Lilah Williams

  1. I’m loving learning about and getting to know all these characters – I think Lilah is probably my favourite so far. 😀

    If I may offer a suggestion, though: there were a couple of spots where I was a little confused. You, as the author, say that she acts like a child much of the time, and yet the feel I got while reading Lilah’s interview was that she was trying to be an adult, and that she considered herself mature and hardworking.

    Now, this could just be because I’m looking at it from her POV rather than an unbiased view, but I saw a disconnect there. Just something to think about. 🙂

    • No, that’s a good point. I think what I was trying to say is that her personality is much like a child, but given her situation she makes the best of it and does what she thinks is right.

      I’ll have to think on that and keep it in mind. Thanks!

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