Snow Day!

My mailbox and fence in the front yard.
My mailbox and fence in the front yard.

Blizzard 2015 (that’s what they’re calling it) has hit us hard. Everyone stayed safe (as far as I know) and it gave me a snow day from work. So go Blizzard 2015!

We got about 2-3 feet of snow… maybe more. I’m not entirely sure. As you can see from the picture above my fence and mailbox was just about buried. I took that picture earlier this morning, so it’s a bit worse now.

I charged all my electronics last night (Kindle, phone, 3DS, Wii U controller, and laptop) just in case. My co-worker said, “Isn’t it sad that our first thought of a power outage is to charge our electronics?” It’s not worrying about food spoiling, heat, or anything like that.

Yes, we are human and we have our priorities straight.

The snow started at 12:30 PM yesterday (Monday) and is still going strong. It’s not expected to stop until about midnight/one o’clock in the morning, which would be Wednesday. It’s kind of crazy, but cool at the same time.

It was nice not to have to go to work today. I got a lot of homework done. Two out of my four classes are done, one class I just have one more assignment to do, and my other class (Spanish, if you couldn’t guess…) has a quiz and a project left. I’m hoping to get the rest done tomorrow because I have another snow day tomorrow! Yay! They’re not optimistic they’ll have the snow cleaned up by tomorrow morning for school to resume, so I get to sleep in again and have another pajama day. Fine by me.

In addition to homework, Kris and I played video games. No surprise there, right?Β The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask andΒ Super Mario 64. Two games from the Nintendo 64… we’re going old school because we’re cool like that.

I did write today, so I actually did something. I typed up about 14 pages ofΒ Detective Florence 2. I’m about halfway through the manuscript now so I’m hoping to finish by the end of the week. Then I can outline the next part so I can write the next part in February. I think that sounds like a good plan, yes?

Tomorrow will definitely be helpful since I don’t have to spend six hours of my day at work. If I can get my homework and another chunk of writing done, then the rest of the week will be a breeze writing-wise… even with work and babysitting thrown into the mix.

Anyway, I hope anyone getting hit by this blizzard is doing well… I hope we’re all warm and all have power in our houses.

20 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. We got about 16″ in my part of NH. I have a 4 season cottage on the Cape – I’m hoping there was no damage since the Cape was pummeled! Glad you go through it OK.

  2. Whoa, it seems like everywhere I turn there’s another person getting snowed in! I’m so glad you got some work done today, especially since it seems like tomorrow’s going to be spent playing video games and lounging around the house – a perfect way to spend a winter day, if you ask me πŸ˜‰ *looks out the window at tropical Singapore weather*

  3. We are humans and we definitely have our priorities right πŸ˜‰ THAT SNOW THO *_*
    It doesn’t snow where we live. Just a biting cold and endless rain. Unfortunately.

    • I hate the cold, but I do love the rain. I like it more if I get to stay home all day, but whatever. We ended up with about 30″ of snow here. It’s really pretty now that it’s over.

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