George And Me

In yesterday’s post, I discussed how every author puts a little bit of themselves (or something from their life) into their novels. For me, there are numerous things I throw into my novels that are inspired by true things in life. I won’t spill all my secrets, so for now I’ll just explain my good friend George Florence.

20150115_170826George, my protagonist, is a 30-year-old laid-off detective trying to make a place for himself in the world while doing what he loves: helping people and fighting crime.

Being a police officer was something I wanted to do when I was very young. Even when I knew I wanted to be a teacher and writer, I still had a spot in my mind that wanted to be a cop. I wanted to be a teacher since I was six-years-old because of my first grade teacher. I wanted to be a writer since I was ten-years-old because of Kris. Where did this cop thing come from? I have no idea.

When I was little I was always fascinated with that sort of thing. I remember I had a spy kit with handcuffs, a decoder, a notepad, and–the best part–rear-view sunglasses. I was always trying to solve “mysteries” around the house. One time, Kris and I eavesdropped on my mom’s phone call because we were looking for “evidence” in our case, “Mom’s Cooking: Real or Take-Out?” I can’t remember how old we were, but I wish I did.

However despite my fascination, I never pursued it for a plethora of reasons. I’m tiny and have no upper body strength, I can’t stand loud noises, I’m squeamish, and I’m not good under pressure. I just don’t think it wouldn’t have worked out. Of course you never know until you try, but I think when I discovered teaching/writing, my heart changed its mind.

I have written a few novels. Most of them are fantasy-ish with the main characters having super powers. A couple of them are cliche high school drama stories. Each one of those manuscripts (five of them total) are still on the first draft. I congratulate myself for completing a novel, but editing them is just not something I have the motivation to do.

20150115_170900Then I created George. He was a silly character started in a yellow notebook a few years ago at Barnes and Noble when I didn’t know what else to write.

I say he was a “silly” character because that’s entirely what he was. He was originally a detective who did well at his job, but had no common sense whatsoever. He was comical. I didn’t expect to go anywhere with it, but I liked the story. I wrote 32 notebook pages before I stopped and moved onto something else.

Who knew that years later George would rise to the surface and be who he is today?

Unlike my other novels, I completed a first draft easily and then had the urge to edit it right away. I want to continue his story. I want to write more books about him. I want to publish them all. Needless to say, I think I have found my genre for writing.

Funny how it turned out to be a secret passion of mine.

It’s also funny because George was inspired by Phoenix Wright, a character from the Ace Attorney video game series. I played those games and wanted to write my own mysteries and decided to revive George as my main man.

Of course… now that I write this post I realize that George wasn’t originally based off of Phoenix Wright. He was based off of me.

9 thoughts on “George And Me

  1. this is so true. I didn’t actually realise, until a friend starting reading some of my novel, that the main character was loosely based on me. My friend said I was doing myself an injustice. I was like ‘come again?!’ she said I was much more feisty than I had portrayed my antagonist. I tried to explain that she wasn’t a reflection of me, but the more i thought about it, the more i realised she actually was! commence, the editing and inserting of more feist!!

    • Isn’t it funny how we write subconsciously? I feel like we think we’re more creative than we really are because half of the stuff in our books are based upon something. But… ideas have to come from somewhere. 😉

      • Very very true. Another of my friends happened to ask me about one particular character, a rather flamboyant slightly alcoholic but overall very loyal and protective person and she was like – u based that on me right? I was really embarrassed because I REALLY DIDNT. or at least I hadnt consciously done it. And i still refuse to believe that I have. But the similarities are striking! So yes. I absolutely agree. You know i read an article once that said our brains are incapable of making up faces. So when we dream we are actually just seeing faces from crowds that we havent consciously acknowledged. I guess the same can be said for our characters and writing, we are just weaving things, people and memories into our stories.

        • That’s too funny!

          I have heard that brains can’t create faces and that our dreams are actual real people even if it’s a total stranger you walked by in the grocery store one time. I never thought of writing like that, but it makes sense.

  2. I have always known Puck to be a source of me. However, I think she’s more the me I wish I could be but am not. And Rand? He’s based off the personalities of two different people I know, a well-done blend of them actually. It’s interesting how characters are infused with bits and pieces of real, tangible things from our lives.

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