Sick Day, Anyone?

I have three sick days total at work. Yes, just three. One would think that someone working with preschoolers all day five days a week would get a little more than that; especially considering that preschool teachers constantly sit on the floor, change diapers, and wipes noses.

I don’t usually care about that. I never use those days because l never really need them. Except now l’m sick.

Friday night l woke up in the middle of the night with the stomach bug. I stayed in bed and slept all day on Saturday. Kris and l did not get to go to Barnes & Noble, which was sad.

Sunday, l did not go to church because l was still in bed attempting to eat toast. Today I did not go to work. I have very little energy and still have no appetite. I will not be going to work tomorrow, either.

Long story short (after this long ramble), l haven’t been getting any writing done in the past few days.

Good news is, l don’t have a boss to call in sick when it comes to writing. Bad news is, l didn’t get anything done.

How do you take a sick day from writing? Is there such a thing?


6 thoughts on “Sick Day, Anyone?

  1. Oh, man. My first NaNo experience, I got about 20-some days in before I got struck with this awful sickness. I couldn’t move from where I was without it hurting for like a week or something, and since I was on the couch when I came down with it, it was on the couch I stayed, the whole time. It was awful. I was on a roll writing-wise, too, and then when it hit, no writing whatsoever. So, yes, there is such a thing hahah.

  2. Well there are some days I cannot write and usually I feel very bad, but I had to force myself to think I’m just a human being! So I’m getting a little bit better in excusing myself…tiny bit but sooner or later I’ll manage!
    Ger well soon!

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