NaNo 2013 Vs. NaNo 2014

I won NaNo two days ago on the 26th. I completed NaNo in 17 days last year. Just looking at the dates alone it seems as though last year was easier. But was it really?

Last year l wrote Detective Florence and l loved it. Half of it was outlined and planned. When l ran out of outlines, l outlined as l wrote keeping track of everything for my edits later. For a first draft, the novel was pretty well done (if l do say so myself).

This year l wrote a Short Story Collection. This was because l was unsure what to write. I thought about doing short stories to come up with new novel ideas and just try different varieties of characters, genres, etc. It didn’t go as well as l thought it would. A few days into NaNo l wanted to continue writing my Detective Florence series, but l needed to do some edits first and the next novel wasn’t outlined yet. With that series, l feel it better to have it outlined before writing.

Point #1: l wasn’t as enthusiastic about my story idea this year as l was last year.
Conclusion: last year was easier for NaNo.

Last year l was working at the private preschool because it didn’t close until December. I was a lead teacher position and l worked 10am-6pm. Some days l got out earlier, some days l stayed a bit later prepping. Sometimes l took things home with me to work on.

This year l have a new job. I’m an aide so l don’t have any “teacher responsibilities” like staying late, going in early, or taking things home with me. Plus, l work 8am-2:30pm. So l’m home earlier and l’m working less hours in the day.

Point #2: I was working less this year and had less responsibilities.
Conclusion: this year was easier for NaNo.

Last year l was working on my bachelor’s degree. I was taking five full-time online classes. Five is a lot; especially when you’re basically teaching yourself (and some of your teachers aren’t that good at their job…).

This year l am still working on my bachelor’s degree and again l took five full-time online classes. However, one of the classes was accelerated so it ended November 8. For the majority of the month, l only had four classes.

Point #3: school was less work this year.
Conclusion: this year was easier for NaNo.

But wait! There’s more…

Last year, even though l had five classes, l barely had any homework.

This year, even though l technically had four classes, l had a ton of homework. It was hard to balance homework, life, writing, work, etc.

New conclusion: last year was easier for NaNo.

Do you see how much has changed in one year? Some things got easier, some got harder. I don’t know which year was easier for me, but l won both years and that’s all that matters.

I wonder what NaNo 2015 will bring? Where will l be one year from now?

10 thoughts on “NaNo 2013 Vs. NaNo 2014

  1. Well done! I’m still working on my NaNoWriMo novel first draft but I am nearly done. Only 2500 more words to go. Hopefully I will be done either tonight or tomorrow. 🙂

  2. I’ve never even attempted NaNo. I have too many demands on my time. I kinda wish it had been around in the 90s–I would have definitely participated them. But the last decade has been just too busy. 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s definitely hard to balance that with everything else. You can always try Camp NaNo during April and July, though. You can pick your word count so you don’t have to do 50k. You can write any amount you want.

  3. You should definitely keep working on your short stories. Two weeks ago I met an author who worked on his collection for ten years, having each story published in different magazines throughout the years. Now he has a book that KPBS hosted this year via Book One San Diego.

    I like your end conclusion that you reached your goal both years. But I also like how you noted the changes. Any little to big change can effect you, but it also sounds like you were more excited to write last year than this year. That might be a big part of it aside from all the schedule changes.

    • Yes, l will definitely continue to work on my short stories. It’s just not going to be my biggest priority at the moment. I’ve alays had the idea of getting short stories published, though.

      I think the excitement was the biggest change. I thought it would be nice to step away from my manuscript for a bit, but apparently not, lol.

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