Slightly Ahead Again

I sat down this morning at my computer and wrote another 3,004 words for my NaNo. My current word count is 34,038 which makes me ahead of about 700 words or so.

I’m writing a collection of short stories (really short… each is about 1,000 words long). I’ve been using different prompts I find in books and on the Internet. A few prompts were really good and I can see them becoming novels. Maybe they will some day. Some of the prompts… well, you can tell I was just trying to get the words down.

This morning, instead of doing a prompt I wrote a quick scene with George and Lilah from my novelย Detective Florence. This scene has nothing to do with the novel at hand. In fact, it’s an idea for an upcoming two/three-book series for the characters. I always imagined having a case in each novel that surround one larger case that takes two or three books to solve. I have a few cases in mind which means that so far George and Lilah are going to be in at least four different series (minimum eight books, maximum 12 books… and ideas are still coming).

The scene I wrote this morning is from one of those cases. By doing that, I came up with so many more ideas for that case. I planned on that being the fourth case in the series, but I may end up writing it as the second one. We’ll see how it turns out.

Because, you know… I still have to finish up the first case which will probably be two novels. I planned on a trilogy, but George and Lilah didn’t want to work on the case for that long. I have to write the third book, but it will most likely tag onto the second book, which is in the middle of the edits.

Once NaNo is over, George and Lilah are going to get my undivided attention. So I think it helped that I was able to write a quick scene with the two of them this morning.

10 thoughts on “Slightly Ahead Again

  1. You are doing awesome with NaNo this year! I’m excited, and I applaud your mystery-making skills. I am just not that talented. Give me a fantasy or a romance or even a sci-fi, and I can spin a good yarn, but a mystery? Nope. I’m dumber than a ton of bricks when it comes to them. Couldn’t even figure out Nancy Drew’s cases. lol

    • I never read Nancy Drew… I’ll admit that.

      The inspiration for my mystery novels are from the video games “Ace Attorney” where you play as a defense attorney. Then I started reading Sue Grafton’s ABC mystery series. I’m only on the second book, “B is for Burglar,” but they’re pretty good.

      Writing mystery is tough work, though. There’s so much outlining and planning that go along with it because I need to remember every single detail and… it’s so much to remember. One of these days I’ll have to post my outlining process for this series.

      I love fantasy, though. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings have a big influence on that. I write fantasy as well, but I write mystery better.

      • That is just too cool. I will admit HP and LOTR were great, but Robert Jordan’s MASSIVE world in the Wheel of Time series was more my inspiration for fantasy, and then the YA/NA genre came from loving Tamora Pierce and similar authors. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I would love to see your outlining process one day. I always like seeing how other authors work through their ideas.

        • I’ll have to look up Wheel of Time… I’ve never heard of it. My sister loves Tamora Pierce and has a bunch of her books that I plan on reading someday, lol.

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