Homework Complete

Aside from editing my story draft for my Fiction class and editing my Harry Potter essay for my Rowling & Tolkien class (both due in two weeks, so… whatever), I have completed my homework for the week!

One week’s worth of homework for four classes done in two days. I would like to complain and say it was a struggle, but it actually wasn’t. For some reason, I just didn’t get a lot of homework this week. Maybe it’s because next week we have off due to Thanksgiving? Whatever the reason, I’ll be sure to say I’m thankful for the lack of homework this week at the dinner table next week.

I’m busy after work for the rest of this week, but I’ll be sure to write every morning before work. I get up super early so I have an hour and a half/two hours before work. I’m behind on my word count, but if I can stay focused for those few hours for the next three mornings I’ll catch up no problem.

Saturday will be another Barnes & Noble writing date with my sister. I’m sure I’ll get a lot done then, too. Maybe I can even hit 50k by Sunday. Can I write 22k in five days?

If it happens, it happens. I’m not going to make it a goal. As much as I love writing, I want to take advantage of the lack of homework–it’s almost like getting two weeks off from school.

I have video games to play, people!

My priorities are clearly right where they should be…

In all seriousness though, I plan on hitting 50k by Thanksgiving. That gives me eight days to write 22k. It will be nice if I can do it in five, but eight days is my current goal.

Hopefully not everyone else is behind like me!


6 thoughts on “Homework Complete

    • It is. I’m actually really enjoying this degree.

      Each semester is 14-weeks long so the accelerated classes are only 10 weeks out of the 14. There’s not much difference, but you do get slightly more homework than you normally would. They tell you to take less classes per semester if one of your classes is accelerated due to the homework amount, but there’s really not much of a difference; that I can tell, anyway.

      • I don’t think they had those at my college during the main semester. They were reserved for Winter and Summer breaks, which lasted 3-4 weeks. It was homework and sessions every day. Never seemed like a ton of work though, but I took writing and cinema courses. I’m sure anything math or science based would be rough.

      • The winter and summer sessions are ten weeks as well. I was surprised to have an accelerated course this semester. It was spanish and next semester my spanish class is accelerated as well. I’m not really sure why.

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