Editing Day

I edited 50 pages today. That’s a lot (for me) in one day. I did ten pages at a time taking breaks in between. These breaks consisted of me reading or playing my new Ninja Turtles video game. Or…chasing my real turtle, cat, and dog. I had all three of them in my office with me wanting to play each time l sat down to edit. They slept when l was on my own break. They’re good helpers, aren’t they?

I also worked a bit on my Popular Fiction contest for Writer’s Digest today. The deadline is the 15th, so l have to get going on that. I decided to write a short story based off of my Short Short Sunday #18. I revised and edited what l wrote so far and figured out some characters and such. Tomorrow l’ll have to actually write it and see how that turns out.

Tomorrow is also the first day of school, so l’m not sure if l’m going to be able to get as much editing done. It’s only the first day, so l’m not going to have a mountain of homework, but l still have to keep checking on the website. I hope to get a lot done, though.

Only time will tell.


6 thoughts on “Editing Day

    • I usually can’t, either! I’ve been typing up the first draft, so it’s not actually reading and revising because it’s all ready edited. I do edit some more as I type it up, though.

      As for school… I have so much homework already. :/

  1. Editing is my favorite part of the whole writing process. There’s no better feeling than improving upon a work of my own making. To me, at least. I know it can be a headache for most.

    The kids sound like fun, though. πŸ˜›

    • I’ve found this round of editing is better than it usually is. I think that’s just because my writing has improved, though. Who can complain about that? πŸ˜‰

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