How Do You Describe A Book?


Books open your mind. They broaden your horizons. They expand your vocabulary.

Books bring you to a whole new world. They give you a sense of adventure. They make you laugh, cry, and send chills and tingles up and down your spine.

Books unleash your inner creativity. They give your imagination a run for its money.

So answer me this: why are there people who do not like to read?

12 thoughts on “How Do You Describe A Book?

  1. Hi, nicely written! And to answer your question I don’t think that people really hate reading books. Usually it is due to the way society describes those who read a lot as “nerds”… Which makes many stay away from books especially young kids. Also book readers are usually patient and don’t mind the long hours they spend with their books. I have met people who never read books and make fun of me when I do, I have met others who even though seem “careless” actually love to read philosophy books, and others who appreciate books but don’t find the time to read them…

    • True. I think it all depends on the age, as well.

      The reason I wrote this post was because I babysat yesterday and he still hasn’t finished his summer reading (he’s 12 and school starts next week). He claimed he liked the book, but he hated reading it and just wanted to watch the movie instead.

      The 10-year-old cousin says books are “icky.” I don’t know why she’s in that mind-set. Like the kid I babysit, she hates reading for school so I’m assuming it’s from that.

      Then I was texting my friend that last night (she’s 22) and she was saying I was weird for reading because it’s boring. Yet, just last year I introduced her to a book and she read it in about two days.

      I just think it’s odd how people just disregard books like that, but deep down everyone does like reading something or another. That’s why I thought that J.K. Rowling quote fit pretty well.

      Thanks for reading my post and my long response to your comment. 😉

    • That’s what I think. My friend thinks reading is boring and says I’m weird whenever I read. I introduced her to a book about a year ago and she absolutely loved it and read it in a few days. That was short-lived, though.

      • I have a few friends like that. They try a few books that are popular, but expect them to be amazing while looking for flaws. Guess if you go with the idea of balance then having readers in the world means you need some non-readers.

  2. I think it has a lot to do with attention span. I know someone who makes the argument that you should watch the movie rather than read the book because a scene that takes a minute in a movie takes about 10 pages in a book. I don’t agree with that at all, but… to each his/her own!

    • Oh, yeah it’s totally a matter of opinion. To be honest, I’m guilty of that one. I just started reading the Harry Potter series for the first time (I’m in the middle of the fourth book) whereas I’ve seen the movies and fell in love with the characters and plot over and over again about a million times. 😉

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