Before Camp NaNo

Camp NaNo is about a week away. I plan on writing the sequel to Detective Florence which is the novel l wrote for NaNo back in November.

I don’t know why, but l’ve been in a “mystery” mood. So l’m spending June editing the first novel so l can attempt to get my facts straight and remember what actually happened in the first novel.

I’ve been coming up with ideas for the sequel, so hopefully outlining will come easy. I hope to finish editing by this Sunday (if l edit at least 20 pages a day that is) and then l will have a week to plan and outline the sequel.

In addition to editing, l’ve been playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, reading murder mysteries, and watching Psych. Again, l don’t know what put me in the mood, but…it’s been keeping me motivated and on track.

How are you planning for Camp NaNo?

7 thoughts on “Before Camp NaNo

  1. I’m working on an outline for my novel. This is technically my third draft, so I’ve gone back through the original drafts and made note cards and a new chapter summary. Next, I’ll be making my scene outline. At first I thought I would be done way too soon, but now I’m thinking I might only just have enough time! 😀

    • Go outlines!

      But l know what you mean…l always think outlining will take much less time than l think. I had the whole month of October to outline my November NaNo novel and l still didn’t finish it on time.

  2. I’m still trying to finish my Bleach fan fiction from the last Camp. My July novel is going to be a cozy mystery. I’ve loved mysteries since my grandmother bought me my first Nancy Drew. 🙂 Yay for being another Psych-o! I love most of that show. The last couple of seasons are only meh.

    I can’t wait for you to publish your first Detective Florence novel so I can read it. Do you plan to self publish?

    • Glad to know someone else writing a mystery!

      I totally agree! The last few seasons of Psych were not so good…l’m re-watching the series and l love Shawn so much more in the earlier seasons.

      I don’t plan on self-publishing, no. I’ve thought about it so many times, but in the end l’ll probably try for an agent or attempt to represent myself.

      • You’ll have to post when you get published.

        I’m such a Psych nerd that my current car is a black Echo (Yaris here in America) and I named it Gus. 😀 I think the last GREAT season was four.

        • I will definitely be letting everyone know when l get published. 🙂

          I agree that the first four seasons were the best. Even the ending to the Yin/Yang trilogy was kind of a dud. It was good, but it wasn’t action-packed and as suspenseful as the first two parts.

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