Short Story Sunday #14

Prompt: There was glass all over the floor.

“What did you do?!” my mom placed her hands on her hips and her eyebrows pointed so far down they could have reached her chin. Her cool blue eyes didn’t look cool anymore as I could have sworn I saw real flames forming in her pupils.

I didn’t do anything.” I pointed to myself then quickly pointed to the dog who was, luckily for me, sitting right by my feet. The Dalmation cocked her head to one side for a brief moment before letting her tongue run wild outside her mouth in a loud, quick pant.

Mom raised an eyebrow as she glanced back and forth between me and the dog. “So you’re saying that Pebbles did it? And how, pray tell, did Pebbles manage to reach all the way up to the top cabinet, open it, and knock down a glass bowl?”

“I don’t know, I just got here,” I shrugged my shoulders.

Mom sighed. She let both of her arms rest by her sides as she slowly shook her head while looking at the mess all over her brand new hardwood kitchen floor. “I’m too tired to argue about this now. But the least you can do is help me clean it up.” She walked over to the closet and took out two brooms. “You can lead Pebbles into the living room. If she gets any glass shards in the pads of her paws, we’re going to be in trouble.”

Without saying a word, I took Pebbles by the collar and led her into the living room. When we entered the room, I squatted down in front of her face while smiling. I rubbed the top of her head and began to softly praise her.

“Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl? That’s right, Pebbles, you are! I’m sorry that I had to pin the blame on you, but mom isn’t going to get mad at you because you’re a dog. You don’t know any better. If you take the blame, neither of us gets into trouble. It’s a win-win situation! Thank you for taking the wrap and pretending as though you had no idea what we were talking about. You make a great partner in crime! Although…I didn’t expect to help clean up mom’s favorite glass bowl. But I guess cleaning it up to help out is much better than cleaning it up while getting yelled at. Thanks, Pebbles!” I giggled quietly.


I paused when I heard someone clear their throat behind me. I slowly turned around and looked up to see my mom standing behind me, hands on her hips again.

“On second thought,” she held out the broom to me. “You clean it up.”

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