Failure Equals Success


So, it’s May 7th. Seven days after Camp NaNoWriMo ended. Did I win? Nope. Is that okay? Yes, even though I don’t want it to be. I tried and that’s pretty much all that matters. At least I wrote something, right?

The end of April approached fast before I realized it was coming. I had about 20k words when I realized there was less than a week left. I wrote 20k in two days due to that. My final count for Camp NaNo was about 40k. I had one day left to write 10k, but by that time I had written so much in the past few days that I was sick of it. So I never finished.

I still plan on finishing the novel, it’s just a matter of actually writing it.

The good news is that school has finished for the semester (but the summer session starts on the 19th…), so in the meantime that’s one less thing that I have to worry about. All I have to do now is get myself back into the routine.

Congrats to all those who won Camp! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Failure Equals Success

  1. 40k words and no win > 10k words and a win. You definitely have nothing to feel down about. Besides, you got next Camp, right?

    • I feel pretty accomplished, actually. And yes, I will be participating in the next Camp (July, I think?). However, April was extremely busy for me when it usually isn’t and I know for a fact that during July I’m going to have many things going on…so this will be interesting, lol.

  2. Hey, 40k is close enough and 20k in a day is insane. You’re going to end up like one of those people done by midnight of the second like “lol, wrote 50k in a single day.”

    • Oh, trust me I’ve tried that! I have tried staying up until midnight to start right away on the first day of the month. But lately the first day of the month has been a weekday in which case I would have to get up early for work. Stupid life…lol.

  3. That is awesome amount of writing in two days. 🙂 Congrats on that. I didn’t finish either but I have a great start to my second novel, so I am pleased. 🙂

  4. Whoa, 20k in two days? *bows down in reverence* I think that just about makes up for being a measly 10k short! 😉

  5. Whoa, 20k in two days? *bows down in reverence* I think that just about makes up for being a measly 10k short! 😉

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