Short Story Sunday #11

Prompt — No Dialogue
Goal: 500-800 Words

When Michelle opened her eyes, her pupil shrunk in the sunlight, but it really made her sapphire eyes sparkle. She sat up, her auburn hair falling down her back, a few wispy strands covering her pale face. Letting out a huge yawn, she extended both arms up into the air and arched her back into a deep stretch. She kicked her feet under the satin blanket causing it to fall to the floor. Swinging both bare legs over the side of the queen-sized bed, Michelle reached down to pick up the blanket. She tossed it onto her bed as she stood up sauntering over to her dresser. She groaned in another yawn when she began to pick out her outfit for the day.

The clock read 12 in the afternoon. The sun was at its highest point in the sky, which was the reason she woke up every morning—well, afternoon. There was no reason for her to sleep in so late. Michelle’s job didn’t require her to work third shift and she wasn’t up all hours of the night hanging out with her friends. No, she went to bed around eight in the evening due to exhaustion from the previous day, which consisted of lying on the couch watching Netflix while eating cookies and chips all day. Being lazy was very tiring.

After Michelle had gotten dressed and brushed her teeth, she went down to the long spiral staircase and into the dining room where the cook greeted with her a smile and dip of her head. Michelle sat down at the head of the dining room table that seated 20 and waited. The cook dashed into the kitchen knowing that whenever Michelle sat down at the table it meant that she wanted food—and she wanted food fast. Even though it was lunch time, the cook eventually came out with some eggs, bacon, two pieces of toast, and a tall glass of orange juice to serve the head of the household.

Without even acknowledging the cook, Michelle dug right into her breakfast or lunch or whatever meal it was intended to be. As soon as Michelle began to eat, the cook slowly backed out of the dining room and into the kitchen to let her eat in peace. It didn’t take Michelle long to wolf down her meal. Then she exited the room without saying a word and leaving the maid to clean up the dirty dishes for her.

Michelle walked through her home dragging her feet and swinging her arms limply by her sides. She had a dull expression on her face, which was bare due to lack of interest of putting make-up on. She passed the ballroom, the music room, the art room, the library, the office, the living room, upon dozens more. She passed many maids, butlers, and guards, all who stood the side of the hallways to allow her to pass. No one wanted to get in her way or have a confrontation with the young lady.

She stomped her way back up the spiral staircase, her shoulders slouched. Michelle let out yet another yawn as she passed more rooms on the second floor. Her pace slowed when she came across large mahogany double doors. They were closed and the golden handle bars were beginning to lose their shine. Without another thought, Michelle walked right on by the doors and entered the room next door, which happened to be her bedroom.

Closing the door behind her, she grabbed the remote control from her television stand and turned the cable on. She threw herself onto her bed and began to flick through the many channels the servants were able to pay for. Michelle thought about getting changed back into her pajamas to be more comfortable, but she just didn’t have the motivation to get back up again. When she finally decided on a channel, she let out a deep sigh and rested her head on the pillow.

It had been a week since Michelle’s parents had suddenly passed away. Even though she was of age and rightfully to take the throne, she wasn’t ready. It just didn’t feel right.

Words: 694

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