Short Story Sunday #8

Prompt — First Sentence: “An older couple entered the lobby.”
Goal: 500-600 Words

An older couple entered the lobby. I smiled as I watched them walk in hand-in-hand. They looked old enough to be my great-great-grandparents, which made me wonder just how old they really were. They must have been about 100-years-old. Yet, I was still smiling because I could tell they were genuinely happy. I didn’t know how old they were or how long they had been together, but from the way they held hands; it proved just how true love can really be.

It made me wonder if I was ever going to have such true love like that. I wanted to get married, have a few kids, and grow old with one man and only one man. I was sick of dating. I wanted to find “Mr. Right” as soon as possible. All of my friends from high school were getting engaged and I wasn’t even in a relationship. I wasn’t getting any younger.

My foot was tapping on the ground, my thumbs were twiddling in my lap, and I constantly shifted my weight on the wooden bench I was stuck sitting on. I was getting tired of waiting.

“Thank you,”

I turned her head to the right and saw the old couple speaking to the young lady sitting behind the desk. The lady behind the desk nodded with a smile and pointed the old couple in the right direction and they disappeared behind one of the doors.

I looked at my watch. I was here way before the old couple. Why was it that they got to head on in and I wasn’t? I groaned impatiently. The lady behind the front desk peered over at me from behind her computer, but pretended that she wasn’t looking at me when I glanced in her direction.

“Can I go in now?” I blurted bluntly. “I have been waiting here for 45 minutes. I think it’s time that I was able to see him.”

The lady behind the desk looked all around and sighed. “Yes, I suppose so.”

I lifted an eyebrow and stood up from my seat. What was that supposed to mean? Had she just been making me sit out there for no apparent reason? I thought that it was a bit silly that I needed to have an appointment to visit him, anyway. I mean, I was his family, after all. He should be begging to see me.

I barged through the door, even though I knew I was supposed to knock. When I entered the office, I noticed the old couple sitting in the corner while the man behind the big desk. It was hard to see him as he was short and had many tall things sitting on the surface of his desk. I waltzed right over to his desk and knocked on the surface.

“Yo,” I said loudly.

“Excuse me, we were here first.” The old gentleman stood up from the corner.

“Actually, I was. You just entered the room before me.” I tried not to sound rude, so I smiled. “He’s my uncle.”

“He’s our great-grandson.” The old woman stood up shocked.

“Well, damn…” my jaw dropped.

Words: 522

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