Short Story Sunday #4

Prompt — First Sentece: “Together they were feeding ducks at the pond.”
Goal: 500-800 Words

Together they were feeding ducks at the pond. It was her favorite memory of her late grandfather. The pond was his favorite place to be. That was where his own grandfather took him to feed the ducks when he was young, that was where he took his wife after their first date. They took a walk in the moonlight and had their very first kiss. The pond was where he proposed to her, it was their special spot.

As soon as she was able to walk, her grandfather immediately went out of his way to bring her to his special spot. Her grandmother had passed long before she was born, but her grandfather still went there once a week in her honor.

It soon became a special spot for her and grandfather. It was also a great way to get to know her grandmother, too. He was always speaking highly of her. How beautiful she was, how kind she was, although she apparently had a bit of a temper. She was a social butterfly and loved to be the center of attention. She always knew the right thing to say and was there whenever someone needed her—friend, family, or stranger.

Yes, she learned a lot about her deceased grandmother whenever she went out to the pond with her grandfather once a week. She also learned a lot about her mother from when she was a child. Apparently, her mother was a very mischievous little girl. She was always getting herself into trouble and she didn’t get the best grades in school. This made her laugh as her mother was very prim and proper now—anyone who knew her would never guess she was some sort of a trouble maker.

The pond was her favorite place to be. She felt as though she knew her grandmother, even though she had only seen pictures of her. She felt as though she had seen a whole new side of her mother, even though that side was long gone. Her grandfather also gave her the best advice while being at the pond. Whether the advice was about school, friends, or boys, he seemed to always know the right thing to say to make her feel better. After she did feel better, her grandfather would always chuckle and say, “I stole that line from your grandmother!” or, “Well, that’s what your grandmother used to always say, anyway.”

One could immediately tell her grandfather missed his wife dearly whether you knew him well or not. But he was always talking about her and he had a picture of her on him at all times.

When she got a bit older, her grandfather grew weaker. They went to the pond less and less as it got harder for him to walk such a great distance. However, they communicated with each other every single day and tried to go to the pond whenever he was up to taking a walk.

Now she has a son of her own. When he turned one, her grandfather gathered all his strength and took him to the pond. Her son won’t remember it, but she will and she plans on telling him all about it when he’s old enough.

After her grandfather brought her son to the pond, he has passed away. But she never forgets any of the advice he had given her or any of the stories he had told her. She remembers every visit to the pond in vivid detail.

So, together she and her son fed the ducks at the pond. And she plans to continue doing so with him then with his own children, her grandchildren. Until she is too old to walk anymore, she hopes she can carry on what her grandfather started with hopes that her son and his children will continue the tradition, as well.

Words: 642

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