Short Story Sunday #3

Prompt — First Sentence: “People looked at him oddly as he passed.”
Goal: 200-500 Words

People looked at him oddly as he passed. Of course he didn’t notice. He kept walking on his merry way without having a care in the world. He had a bright smile on his face, a light heart, and felt as though he could fly. He had only one thing on his mind and there was nothing that was going to get in his way.

He had a bit of a spring in his step as he walked down the street. He stopped at the crosswalk, pushed the walk button, and waited for his signal. People driving by laughed at him, but he only saw their smiles. So he smiled back and even threw in a few waves here and there. The couple standing at the crosswalk next to him chuckled to one another.

“Good day,” he tipped his hat. The gentleman bowed his head with a smile while his lady showed just a small smirk.

He faced forward as he realized the lights were signaling him to cross the street. As he put his right foot in front of his left, he skipped across the white striped-crosswalk in the middle of the road to get to the other side. He felt good today and had felt even better knowing that everyone else around him—even if they were strangers—seemed to be in just as good of moods as he.

As he continued down the sidewalk, his face lit up when a pale blue condo came into view. He attempted to hop up the front steps, but tripped. He stood up, brushing himself off, not bothering to care if anyone noticed and made fun of him.

After all, he was in love. Nothing else mattered at the moment because today was going to be the most memorable day of his entire life.

As he stood before the front door, he rubbed a small velvet box that sat gently in his pocket. He took a deep breath before knocking on the door. And when he did, before he could lay down one knee and open the box in front of his future wife, he never expected her to greet him with her child-like laugh and say with her ruby red lips:

“Why are you still in your pajamas?”

Words: 378

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