Day 15

Pep Talk…

The first game.
The first game.


Well, it’s day 15 of 30 for NaNoWriMo. We are wrapping up the end of week two and this day also marks halfway through the month. So, let’s talk about our novels some more to celebrate making it through the first half of the month.

What inspired your novel?

For me, this is an easy answer. I don’t usually know where my ideas come from. I tend to come up with title ideas and spin plots based off of the titles. However, I came up with this novel idea a long time ago, but it was completely different from what I’m making it be now.

My novel is called Detective Florence (Book One). It’s a mystery where Detective Florence gets laid off from the police department and starts up his own private detective agency. The daughter of his late partner gives him his first case with a robbery. But it soon turns into more than he bargained for when a dead body turns up.

I have never written a mystery before and I’ve never been too much into police work, detectives, all the law stuff. But a few years, my sister and I were on the shopping channel on the Wii Nintendo system and we came across a game called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. We bought it for the Wii Ware and decided to try it out. We fell in love with the game!

Coming from the couple of writers, we fell in love with more than just the game–the different plots from the cases, the characters, the dialogue, everything. Of course, we bought the third game not knowing there were too others before, but it was still playable. Some of the characters made more sense to us once we bought the first and second games and played those.

There are three Phoenix Wright games, two Miles Edgeworth games (except only one was released in the US), one Apollo Justice game, and they just came out with the fifth game called Dual Destinies. Kris and I are in the middle of playing that one now.

So my novel is based off of a video game and I’m having a pretty good time with it.

What inspired your novel?

10 thoughts on “Day 15

  1. Ah, inspirations. My current novel is mostly inspired by an unholy amalgamation of the works of Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, a few choice anime, the Temeraire novels, Pathfinder sourcebooks, and the desire to have some version of all the things I love but don’t see much of (executed well, anyway). This includes steampunk, sword fights, humor (you’d be surprised how hard it is to find a genuinely funny book that manages to be smart), giant robots, powered armor, ninja maids (that’s a thing), dinosaurs, giant apocalyptic monsters, Super Sentai/Power Rangers and Kamen Riders (you’d think the idea of empowering, magically appearing armor would be more common, wouldn’t you!). A little something for everybody! It even has a touch of those ‘fantasy travologue’ sorts of books you find in the Narnia series, the Oz books, the Tolkien books and Gulliver’s Travels. Yes, I consider those travelogues.

    Now, if I can just get it to work. At my current rate of progress, the story will need at least 200k words for the first book alone, and I’m only up to 30k. It’ll be a nightmare to edit.

  2. My book was inspired by an image I saw from an amazing artist and from then on its been a roller coaster ride of ideas. A friend and fellow writer inspired other aspects of the story too.

    • That’s good. I love looking at photos on sites like Pinterest and then writing something about it. And my friends inspire a lot of my novels, lol.

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