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Today is Friday. You guys have no idea how good that makes me feel! I am so exhausted from work, it’s not even funny. Tomorrow is going to be tough because I have to work on my bedroom and my office…the office is officially all set. Kris and I just need to organize it and such and the electrician is coming in next week to finally give us light in there. We’re painting our bedroom soon so we need to go through all our stuff and clean up so it’s less stuff to walk around while painting. Oh, and I guess I should work on some homework, huh? Fun stuff.

But Sunday will be good because I have church in the morning then Kris and I are going to go to Starbucks and spend the entire day writing. I’m hoping to get a lot done. I haven’t written much the past couple of days because I wrote at night instead of the morning. Kris and I worked on our office this morning while it was light out so we could see.

Then Monday is Veteran’s Day so I don’t have work. I again have the entire day to write and get other things done. Like homework…which may or may not happen. Who knows?

But today marks the first day of Week Two for NaNo. Yay! We all made it this far together! Pat yourself on the back if you’ve only goneย slightly insane since the start of this thing.

For those of you who are behind, keep going! You still have time to catch up.
For those of you who are on par, great work!
For those of you who are ahead, fantastic!
For those of you who have already won, I hate you. No seriously, if you’ve already hit 50k, that’s wonderful and I applaud you for such speedy work. But I still envy you people for having so much time to write.

Today I ended up hitting my word count because I ended up adding onto a scene from the very beginning of the novel. I was a certain point where the main character needed to know this person very well and…he didn’t. So I needed to cheat and edit a little even though we’re technically not supposed to do that in NaNo.ย Shhh!

Anyway, we have three more weeks to go. We’ve lasted this long, I think we can stick it out if we really put our minds to it, don’t you think? Butย I feel like I’ve been doing NaNo for a lot longer than eight days, though…this is going to be a long month, isn’t it?

Today’s Word Count: 2,113
Total Word Count: 23,306
Today’s Page Count: 6
Total Page Count: 75

11 thoughts on “T.G.I.F.

  1. You go! And I follow the NaNoWriMo rules, well most times anyways…i DO backspace at times. I refuse to write senseless stuff, even for NaNoWriMo. Just my personality. Job well done!

    • Oh, of course! You have to fix typos and things like that. I’ve never gone back to fix up a previous scene before, though. I’ve never really had a reason to or I would just make a note of it because I would have to finish the thought I was currently writing.

  2. Lovely post, Rachel! You know, on the forums, I saw one of the mods post saying that editing wasn’t actually cheating (and then she went on to threaten whoever started that silly rule). As long as you keep the words going, you’re doing everything right! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Good to know…I usually do edit little things as I go. But I’ve never gone back to a previous scene and fixed it up before the novel was actually finished. Plus this scene was about page 10 while I was writing page 70 or something like that.

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    Can I just say “Amen!” to this? I love that the pic is a typewriter. I actually have used one. They are crazy fun, and crazy crazy. They come with personalities. Like a jamming printer only older and more devious. Think, crafty old granny who pretends to be docile when mom and dad are in the room, then they leave and it’s just gran and the kids and that’s when rules go out the window. Suddenly raw cookie dough is being eaten, the silverware draw is pilfered for spoon sword fights, and there is no bedtime. Sometimes your the kid that typing is awesome. Sometimes your the mom and that typewriter just stares at you mutely agreeing to every thing you say, and then does the opposite anyway.

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