Late Night Writings

I’m Sleepy…




Note to self: Does better writing in the morning.

The insulation guys came back today to finish up in the blue room and my bedroom. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate well. We had to move Raph into the bathroom, Chip needed to be barricaded in the living room, and Hunter was locked in my parents’ bedroom. Poor animals. Long story short, Chip wouldn’t stop barking so I ended up sitting on the couch with her while playing Pokemon.

So that happened, then I went to work, then I went out to eat with my boyfriend. I got home around 6:30 PM and then began to write. Even though I am ahead in NaNo, I want to write 1,667 words a day anyway.

It took a long time. I was sleepy. I kept making typos. Chip kept distracting me. But I got it done. I wanted to get a little more words in before I went to bed, but I figured that was going to be too much for my small brain to handle. So I had to quit while I was ahead.

I’m going to write tomorrow morning. Apparently I write a lot better when my mind is fresh and relaxed. So I should get a lot more words in tomorrow. Tomorrow should be a much better update.

I hope everyone else is doing fantastic on NaNo!

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Today’s Word Count: 1,708
Total Word Count: 19,088
Today’s Page Count: 5
Total Page Count: 62

6 thoughts on “Late Night Writings

  1. I admire your efforts to write the same word count every day no matter what! But look at all the progress you’ve made! Don’t kill yourself over it haha. I know last night writing was hardest for me what I was thinking about word count, and easiest when I was trying to get an idea out. It would be nice if those two things always worked hand in hand…

    • I’m trying not to kill myself myself, but it was so early. It was about 7 PM when I started and I finally hit the word count around 8:30 PM. Of course, I can usually write 1,667 in much less time than that, but take what you can get, right? Lol.

      Yeah, I know there are sometimes when the word count seems to go up quickly and then there are other times when you feel as though you’ve written one million words and it’s only gone up about 100 words.

  2. I am doing much, much better on NaNo. I feel more organized and am doing great on my word count. I write better in the evening. Mornings are just asking for trouble. Haha! Great job on your word count.

    • Yeah, this year has been going really well so far. I’m glad it’s going well for you, too! 🙂

      See, I used to be able to stay up late, but this semester I’m working 40 hours a week and are taking five online college courses. I’m usually really for bed by 8, lol.

  3. Great job on the writing today! (Or technically yesterday.) I find it so hard to work when I’m tired, but it’s rewarding when you sit your butt in a chair, make yourself write, and hit your word count target for the day despite the sleepiness.

    Good luck tomorrow morning on your novel!

    • Thanks! A couple people just told me to skip it, but I knew I couldn’t. If I skip one day, then I’m going to skip the next couple of days after that.

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