I Am Getting Stuff Done…

I have to say that I am very please with myself. I’m in the middle of writing four novels, but I have not worked on any of them lately. I have been in the mood to edit. So, that’s what I did today. I have four novels to edit, so I might as well get started and allow this summer to be a productive one when it comes to finding publishers and such.

I edited Dairy of a Lover. I know I said that I was on my seventh draft, but I was actually on my fourth. I have no idea why I thought I was on draft number seven, but apparently I wasn’t. Anyway, I finished editing it and now I’m re-typing it. As I re-type it, I’m finding a lot more typos and such that I missed when I edited it on paper yesterday. I’ve been doing good on it, though. I’m on chapter nine, page 36.

In addition to Diary of a Lover, I have three other novels that need editing. My mom is currently editing Take Over for me, once I finish re-typing Dairy of a Lover Kris is going to edit that for me. While she and mom are busy on those novels, I’m going to edit Hunter. Then it’s going to go around in a big cycle. Saving Each Other isn’t going to be edited until I finish the other four parts of the novel.

I’m just taking a break now, but I’m going to try to get some more editing done tonight. I’m going to sit down sometime this week and get my two children’s books together and send them to multiple publishers.

So I have a lot going on right now. Three young adult novels are currently being edited, two children’s books are currently preparing to ship in the mail, and one (plus three) young adult novels are currently being written. I have a lot on my plate right now, but I am so determined to get this all done during the summer. It’ll be a good one. 🙂

2013: 119,319/350,000 Words Written
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16 thoughts on “Productiveness!

  1. How the heck do you work on so many at a time? I put aside the one that I’m querying now and then I started my third. But after getting only 2 chapters done I had an epiphany about ms #1 and starting working on that again. I can’t do more than one at a time…my head would explode lol. So congrats on being so productive!!!

    • Lol, thank you! I’m too impatient to work on only one thing at a time. I’m lucky to have my sister and mom helping me out. 🙂

      Good luck on your own work!

      • Lucky you is right! I wish my mom and sisters would help me out…I sent them two manuscripts that are yet to be read! The nerve!?! LOL

        Good luck to you too! Are you repp’d/published yet?

          • remember I told you i never worked on 2 at a time…strike that…I just started working on my new WIP while revamping my 1st ms. Insane, but oddly, I do feel productive.

            I too am trying to get an agent/publisher. Although there’s been a lot of suggestions to self pub lately. So torn. Do you have anyone looking at your materials with interest?

  2. Kudos to you for plowing straight ahead! It’s wonderful that you have family helping you out. They obviously believe in you very much 🙂

  3. Jeez, I’ve been working on one story (series) for over three years and my work has been on and off. I’m really interested in what will be the outcome of this, you seem so determined. All writers experience those moods so don’t worry about that. Good luck

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