Day Twelve

Guess What…

I did absolutely nothing today! I didn’t get any writing done…how sad. 🙁

I had school and then was at work all day and now I get to go out to eat. However, I did write for an hour in my notebook while I waited for class to start. I wrote five notebook pages of Far Away. I thought of bringing my laptop, but…I was lazy to carry it.

Tomorrow I plan on writing a lot in the morning because it is Saturday…yay!

19 thoughts on “Day Twelve

  1. Yes – and you “wrote five notebook pages”…which is close to the NaNo word count par for one day, once you transcribe it. So yeah – what’s with this “I did absolutely nothing today!” ? We won’t let you get away with that thought track.

    • Lol, my handwriting is huge! I probably wrote a total, at the most, about 200 words or so. But still, it is better than nothing.

  2. I never feel like writing after a day at work. All of my energy is gone by the time I get home! But those five notebook pages do seem like something to me. =D

    • It is, but it doesn’t count towards NaNo. And I never feel like writing after work, either. Sometimes I am able to force myself, but other times I just sit on the couch and pig out.

  3. I’m impressed that you’re balancing school, work, and writing! For me, writing alone is almost enough to drive me crazy! I never get anything done on the days I work, and trying to write and do school was a nightmare! 😉
    Great job Rachel, you’re going to hit 100,000 words in no time!

  4. Yesterday was a good day for me, but I pushed myself because I know that the weekends are generally not productive around here. Two kids aged 4 and 6 are NOT conducive to getting anything done. NO WAY can I be here and write the way that I want to…. so I do what I can while they are at school.

    • I can understand that. It’s a lot of work. I think a mom and dad’s favorite part of parenting is when the kids have to go to school for those six or seven hours. I don’t have any kids, but I have my cousins and babysit a lot and trust me, I feel the same way sometimes.

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