Day Nine

Coming Along…

I had to get homework done today. I really don’t like homework and since this is my senior year for my Associate’s degree I haven’t done homework since…well, probably last semester. So I needed to get it done today.

I did get some writing done, though. I wrote before my class this morning for about an hour and a half. I wrote 4,059 words for a total of 34,100 for Camp NaNo and Saving Each Other. Oh, yes.

That’s all I can update with because it’s a little annoying to write a post on my iPod. Lucy, my laptop, decided that it was a good idea to kick me off the Internet again.

I shall update again tomorrow! Have a good one! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Day Nine

  1. Know what you mean, my laptop is killing me! It’s been blinking on and off randomly for the last week! I hope this doesn’t mess up the awesome progress you’re making at Camp!

  2. My internet has been awful on my laptop too–it simply won’t work in my room! I love using the Write or Die web app to write, but I can’t do it in my room, the quietest area in the house. So frustrating. You’re so close to the 50k goal though! Are you going to go over once you reach it?

  3. I am so far behind on camp… But it’s okay, because my goal is to finish my second draft, not necessarily in April. I want it to be good, so I won’t be going along with the ‘quantity, not quality’ saying like I normally do.

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