Day Six

Being Productive…

StarbucksMy sister and I went to Barnes and Noble today! We had Starbucks and we had a lot of fun! We distracted each other a lot, but we did get some writing done. She made her writing quota for the day and I made mine! By the way, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but she has a blog, too. Follow her here on Sugar Wolf.

Guess how many words I have? 20,002! So I wrote a total of 5,445 words today! Remember I said that I wanted to beat my word count from the first day of Camp NaNo? Well, I didn’t beat it…but I came close! I just needed a little less than 1,000 more words and I would have at least had the same amount. Oh, well. I worked hard today.

While we were at Barnes and Noble, my sister and I made a video. I plan on that being my first vlog, but I need to edit it a little bit. I think you guys will like it…it shows how my sister and I get nothing done. Yet, we still make our goals. I really don’t understand how that happens, but it does.

According to my stats on Camp NaNo, I need to write an even 1,200 words a day in order to finish on time. I’m estimated to finish on April 16. Of course, I want to keep writing at least 1,667 words a day just to keep up that pace. I’m hoping that I can have good months like this all the time with or without NaNo’s help.

I hope everyone else is doing just as well! 🙂

2013: 101,781/365,000 Words Written
2013: 1,749/18,250 Pages Read

14 thoughts on “Day Six

  1. HolyCow! That is phenomenal, Rachel. I’m hoping to make it to 10K today. Haven’t taken pen in hand yet. Did do a little keyboard catchup from yesterday (I was shy 300 words). Glad your words are flowing along. Maybe I should take up drinking coffee…or are those milkshakes on the counter? Mm-mm!

  2. Wow! That is an amazing amount of words written in one day. I too enjoy writing at Barnes and Noble. I have off work every other Monday so I go hang out there and write for a few. I get distracted and read other books, drink coffee, peruse the magazine stand. But hey, I get some work done too.

    Keep up the hard work, and the inspirational posts. I should hit 10k words by the end of tonight.


    • I love going to Barnes and Noble! My sister and I try to get there as often when we can. But working through my school and work schedule is hard as well as her work schedule. Good luck to you! 🙂

  3. Eesh, 20k in a week is loads! How many words are you aiming for?

    I’m happily plodding along at the recommended pace and have just tipped 13k.

    Also, Costa over Starbucks every time 🙂

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