Day One

And It Begins….Writing

Let’s begin with last night: I wrote some more of Take Over, but only 2,063 more words of it. I planned on writing as much of Take Over as I possible could up until midnight. Then when midnight came I was going to start writing Saving Each Other for Camp NaNo. That didn’t happen. I got tired of writing Take Over and my fingers felt as though they were going to fall off. I was in bed at 10:30. Yeah.

But that’s okay because I woke up this morning and got started on Saving Each Other right away. I am happy to announce that I have written 6,350 words for Saving Each Other so far. I was going to continue on, but I wanted to post on here first because I have to go to work soon.

That picture is a sticky note. I tend to glance down at the bottom left-hand corner to see how many pages and words I have. I put the sticky on the screen blocking it so I wouldn’t look at the words. Then I set my timer to an hour so I only got to check how many words I got written every hour. It helped because I tried to get more and more words each hour trying to break the previous record.

According to my Camp NaNo stats, at the rate I’m going I should finish on April 8. I have no idea if that will actually happen or not, but I do have a lot of time this week. I got lucky this year: I only have work today because my class was cancelled. Tomorrow my class is usually 10:30-2, but my professor has a funeral so class tomorrow is going to be 12-2. That gives me an extra hour and a half to write. Then I have work in the afternoon. Wednesday I can write before class (which is 9-10:15) and after class, before work. I have work at 2. Thursday I can write before class (which is 10:30-11:45) and then before I babysit, which is 3-6. Friday I have work 11-6, but I don’t have school that morning so I can use that time to write. I have all day Saturday and all day (after church) on Sunday. I think I can get a whole lot done.

I hope I get a lot done because I plan on writing the entire Saving Each Other part…not just 50,000 words of it. On top of that I want to  finish Take Over. I’m going to finish Saving Each Other first and then finish Take Over. I am also going to include whatever words I write for Take Over into my word count for the month. But I’ll write 50,000 words on Saving Each Other first so I’m technically not cheating.

I hope everyone is off to a great start just like I am! We have 29 more days to go!


2013: 88,129/365,000 Words Written
2013: 1,749/18,250 Pages Read

16 thoughts on “Day One

  1. I think I am off to a good start until I read yours…lol. I got over 1300 words, which I wrote in like 30 minutes. I have quite a busy schedule so I am going to do things that needs to be done, write for a half hour then go back to things. I love your idea about putting the sticky note over the word count so you can only see how many words every hour. I may take that idea lol. Nice start.

  2. Since the words are coming so easily, how are you doing with the storytelling? Are you enjoying the story you’re trying to tell? Are you excited about the characters? Are you being diabolical with the plotting, does its twists and turns and surprises make you happy?
    Word count is such a small percentage of a writing event.
    Happy Writing!

    • So far, it’s a yes to all of those questions. I’m rewriting this novel and it’s coming out better than the first time around.

  3. I’m officially jealous of 6k in day one… I got up early, but work demands are more pressing than writing ones sadly (at least during the work week). Good luck on Camp!

  4. Love the post-it note 😀 Think I need to get one of those! 6k is insane – well done you! I managed 4.5. I have the whole of April off, so I’ve set myself a crazy 100k target.

    Yup. Defo need a post-it note.

    • The post it note helps a lot! Great job getting to 4.5. It must be nice to have the month off. Good luck with your goal!

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