Day 19

28334/50000 Words

Well, it’s official. I am behind in NaNo. I have to say that I knew this day was going to come eventually. It was kind of too good to be true that I was doing so well in the beginning.
The thing is, there are four more weeks of school left. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this week is only three days, so technically there are only three full weeks left and then there’s finals. Naturally, because the end of the semester is within sight, all my professors decide to dump a load on us students. I have a project in science that is due December 3. Because of NaNo, I already started it and I have to say that it is really easy and it’s not time consuming at all. I just have to fix it up a bit and then put it all together on the poster. I have one more written assignment to do for that class and then I’m done with science (the project is my final). Math…I’m never going to be done with math, let’s be honest. However, I did do the homework that she assigned so I don’t have any math homework until Wednesday. Health, I have a training to do for a quiz grade, but the website won’t work. That’s going to be interesting to tell my teacher especially since she’s get mad pretty easily. Teaching, I just have one more paper to write and my online class…that class takes up no time at all.

So I explain all of this to you and it seems like I don’t have that much because I have most of it done or started already. However, it’s actually a lot more than it sounds, which is a sad thing. Anyway, I’m trying to get all of this done and out of the way so that I can finally start focusing on my NaNo again. I may just bring my laptop or something when I go away this weekend so that I can work on it bit by bit. There’s wi-fi there now, so I may be able to write and even update my NaNo stats.

I think my other problem is this: I never finished the outline in October. The last time I wrote my NaNo (nine days ago…wow) I had finished the outline. Now that I have nothing to follow, even though I still have ideas, I think I’m scaring myself away. I can freelance, but I know that it’s going to turn out terrible. Which isn’t a bad thing–it just means that I’m going to have a little extra editing to do later. But the fact that it’s going so well now, I’m afraid that I’m going to mess it all up.

My other problem, I think, is because I may be getting bored with it. I have noticed a pattern with myself: I start something and never finish it. I come up with ideas and ideas and ideas and I never do anything with them. Before NaNo even started, my sister and I were going to write together. I whipped out my list of novels and looked them over. I didn’t feel like writing anything. I wanted to come up with something new. But I really didn’t because I knew that I should start working on something on the list. Or, I should finish something that I had already started. I’m pretty sure I have at least ten novels that are already started. It’s a problem. They should have a support group for something like this.

Just the other day, I came up with a new idea, which is why I think I might be getting bored with Saving Each Other. I told my sister the other day that I haven’t written anything in a while and that it was really bumming me out. So what did I do? I turned on the TV.

I am determined to finish NaNo this year. I am determined to finish the entire novel. I am determined to actually edit it fairly soon so that I can maybe get something finally published. But with school and work and Thanksgiving around the corner (especially since I’m going away), it’s going to be tough. I have to admit that I am a little discouraged, but I am really hoping that I push past this feeling and just get the dumb novel done.

Please wish me luck and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all have a good one and I hope all your NaNo novels are going much better than mine! 🙂

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, good luck, just five headfirst back into things and get ready to swim! I’ve written so many things I have never finished, so I can relate.

    And if you feel stuck, the best advice I have ever heard was actually given by a friend of mine. She told me get out, discover something new, do something different. We don’t need to travel far; bundle up, take a walk, and find a park you’ve never visited (of course I don’t know exactly your surroundings, but hopefully you get what I mean). Sometimes your soul just needs to be woken up and refreshed to get things going again.

  2. I’m farther behind than you, having started four days late with zero outline or ideas! I’ve also gotten super bored several times with my story. But I guess that’s just the ups and downs. Having never finished a novel either I also need that same support group. The “don’t stop when you are bored or hate your writing” support group. Maybe we should form one. I’ll bring the cookies and juice.

    • Lol, I think that sounds like a great idea! Cookies and juice are fantastic! However, four days late is better than never. Even if you and I don’t make it to the finish line, at least we wrote something. Good luck to you.

  3. You can do it! There comes a point in every novel that I’ve written that I feel utterly defeated. My only advice is to stop worrying about the word count, stop worrying about the deadline and just write one little sentence, even if you think it is terrible, even if it is the worst thing you’ve ever written. Then write another. Remind yourself of what you loved about the characters and the novel when you started. Do a dream sequence or a flashback if you need a change of pace or scenery. Sometimes I need to read things over or skip ahead. In any event, I’m cheering for you (and besides, you are ahead of me). All the best!!

    • I sometimes stick a post-it note in the corner of my laptop to block out the corner where it counts the words and such. It makes it seem as though the word count grows faster. Thank you for this, I’ll keep it mind when I discouraged again. Which will probably be very soon. 😉

  4. If you are determined then you will. NaNo is not a must do, but it’s a can do if you want to. If you love this story, you will finish it. Give yourself some latitude on the deadline. Ask yourself if it’s more important to finish NaNo or finish your novel.

    • Good point. I guess it’s more important that I finish the novel because I do hope to get it published some day. Oh, but it would be so nice to see my stats bar on NaNo say “Winner!” lol

  5. aww, punking out now doesnt become you, I had earlier thought I would be done writing today myself, still have like 10k words to go. 🙁

    About the starting and fizzling in the middle,you’re not the only one. I guess that’s human nature.

    On your finals, all I can say is, BEST OF LUCK.

    Make yourself proud 🙂

    • You’ll get there!

      Thank you about the finals. 🙂 I actually only have one real final…which is a yucky math test. But my science one is a project, my health one is my education portfolio, I don’t have a final for my online class, and I don’t think I have one for my teaching class. I think I should be all set. Well…maybe not the math part. 😉

  6. I’d say keep plugging. You set yourself a goal to write 2k per day for a reason and if you do that now – you’ll hit the nail on the head.

    So just do it – and worry about it later.

    • Technically, I’m 18,000 words behind because I haven’t written in nine days. That would be awesome if I could write that amount in one day, but at least point I’m just hoping to hit the 50K mark.

  7. Get it done! I just finished the “No Plot, No Problem” NaNo book and although I’m too late to get into the official event, I’m thinking about holding my own little private NoWriMo.

    Good luck on playing catch-up :0) you can do it!!

    • My sister bought that book when it came out…or a year or so after it came out. I’ve never actually read it, which is sad to say, but I have flipped through it a few times and read certain sections. But I’m not a big reader–which is ironic to say because I’m a writer…

      Thank you!

      • It isn’t terribly ironic. Not to me! “They” say that writers should read as much, or more, than they write. I like to read books about writing, and dictionaries, copywriter’s handbooks and the like. If I finish a novel it’s because it sucked me in with the first paragraph and I didn’t put it down until 3am. More often, I find myself thinking, “well if that person got paid to write THAT…”. You know what comes next, I’m sure.

        I’m sure it sounds awfully pompous of me, considering I’m far from being published. I think this complex comes from knowing we’re capable of more than what we are actually doing. 😉

        • Yeah, I’ve heard that, too. Writers should read a whole lot. Of course, I never read. I wish I read a lot, but I just don’t. I tell people that I like the idea of reading. 🙂

  8. Rachel, I get side-tracked, too. I call myself the idea girl because I have lots of ideas, but very rarely follow through on them. When I get bored with my story, I take a dare from the Nano forums and make myself write it in. It changes it up a bit. If you don’t like it, you can take it out later.

    • I have a love/hate relationship with the NaNo fourms. One on hand, they can be very helpful because I too go on there and take the prompts and such to get myself writing. On the other hand, they distract me way too much and I end up being on there posting forever.

  9. I wish you the best of luck, and will offer just a hint of what could be called advice; I had an outline, and overshot it, which isn’t a bad thing, but it was frustrating, in that every time I sat to write, I had to sort out what hadn’t been completed last time. I could have said, well, I messed up the outline, and the whole thing is shot, but I took those few extra minutes to kind of acclimate myself to what needed to be written. And I trudged on ahead, and things are looking better. Keep going, even if the outline is expended. You never know what’s waiting!

    • That’s one of the reasons as to why I love outlines. I think of them as an unofficial first draft. Because as you write, you’re making changes in the outline. If that makes any sense.

  10. I didn’t read ALL the previous comments so I hope I am not redundant: at 28k+ words, you are not all that far behind. Finish it and put it aside for a month or two. I am looking forward to writing something different in December myself!

    • I like to hear everyone’s input–even if it’s the same thing 100 times. 🙂

      Honestly, I’m at the point where I can’t wait for December. I actually want NaNo to be over so I can just say I finally got through it.

  11. I’ve had exactly the same problem with always coming up with new ideas and never finishing anything; I think that’s why NaNo is so great. It gives writers like us an opportunity and incentive to actually finish something!

    • I still don’t manage to finish anything…even with NaNo. But NaNo really is a good incentive because I haven’t written anything in a while because of school and such. Then November came along and I was doing really well for a while. I hope you’re doing well with NaNo!

  12. You can totally win NaNoWriMo without an outline. I did so last year, when I had only a vague idea of the story. I ended up with a crazy mash-up of two worlds and plots that didn’t really go together, but that didn’t really matter. The main thing is finishing at this point; you’re over half way through the month and you’re not that far behind. You can totally make it! 🙂

    • I know, I won my first year without an outline. However, I never actually finished the story, but I made it to the 50K mark. I just have to mainly keep myself on track with where ever the story is going. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck to you!

  13. Good luck Rachel, I’m sure you’ll do it. I’m behind as well but I’m telling myself it just takes courage and perseverance. It’s amazing how many distractions and get-outs the mind can come up with to sabotage our goals.

  14. You can only do as much as you can do – life happens to get in the way of writing sometimes : )
    If you don’t finish the story it doesn’t matter. It’s all part of the learning process. Just keep writing whenever you can.

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